Our Employers Guide

to working with apprentices

Whether you are hiring new talent to grow within your business, or are upskilling an existing employee to help reach their full potential and perhaps take on greater
responsibilities – we will work closely with you to get to know your operation and support you every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome for all.

We’ve produced this guide to provide you with some background as to how an apprenticeship programme works. As an experienced training provider, we have also included some useful tips to help us both manage your apprentice together throughout their professional development, and to help you create a positive and successful working relationship with apprentices in your business.

What apprenticeship programmes do we have?

Level 3 Digital Marketing

Level 3 Infrastructure Technician

Level 3 Technical Sales

Level 3 Software Development Technician

Level 4 Software Tester

Level 4 Software Developer

Level 4 Network Engineer

Level 4 Data Analyst

 What should you expect from your


Whether you are responsible for school/college leavers, or an established member of the team, as a line manager, you can make all the difference to your apprentice, their success and their engagement with the programme.

For school/college leavers, this is likely to be their first full-time job so please allow them some time to adjust to the differences between the education system and the workplace such as:

• Understanding appropriate business dress, attitudes and behaviours
• Having flexibility to deliver a number of tasks over a longer period at their own prioritising rather than a more structured, timetabled kind of day
• Not knowing what to do when they finish a task or project
• Lack of confidence in the workplace
• Not knowing health and safety welfare arrangements in the workplace

  • 20% OFTJ Training 20% 20%

During their apprenticeship, learners are required to
be given 20% of their contracted working hours by
their employer for off-the-job training.

Off-the-job training is defined by the government as:

“…learning which is undertaken outside of the
normal day-to-day working environment and leads
towards the achievement of an apprenticeship.
This can include training that is delivered at the
apprentice’s normal place of work but must not be
delivered as part of their normal working duties.”

  • Good Mentor 100% 100%

A good mentor will be invaluable to your apprentice’s development. This does not necessarily need to be you as their Line Manager
– in fact, it helps the apprentice to have another point of contact in the organisation to help with both technical questions, and any other advice they need. You could nominate another member of your team to be your apprentice’s mentor throughout the programme.

Mentoring provides a great development opportunity for staff in your business – and although takes some time for the mentor – it will
give potential managers the chance to enhance their skill set and get hands-on experience supervising others. Dedicated mentoring and
support in the workplace for your apprentices will also bring significant efficiency benefits by accelerating their development.

What should you expect from Intequal?

We feel strongly that building and supporting a good relationship with yourselves and your apprentice is vital. Our aim is to ensure both the apprentice and the employer feel fully supported throughout the apprenticeship programme to ensure a successful outcome for all.

How does training work?

Delivery Team
Our delivery team consists of Pathway Planners
(PPs) & Trainers who are all DBS checked. These
are qualified IT specialists in the new apprentice
standards, working as coaches & mentors with the
apprentice to ensure successful completion of the

Pathway Planner (PP)
Each apprentice will have their own Pathway Planner
(PP) as their single point of contact throughout
their apprenticeship to answer any questions your
employee has whilst on programme.
They provide advice and guidance around everything
from adjusting to the workplace and balancing
studies with workload, to safeguarding and the
government’s Prevent agenda.
Pathway Planners are also there to provide support
for line managers. They help balance training with
workplace activities and work closely with you to
provide beneficial workplace projects for both the
apprentice and the team they are working with.


Progress Reviews

Remote Meetings

Touchpoint Calls

Apprentice Support

Intequal’s learner support with policies

Safeguarding relates to the action taken to promote welfare and protect young adults from harm. The potential harm that could affect learners at Intequal include, but are not limited to; bullying, inappropriate supervision and unsafe workplaces or working practices. Safeguarding is therefore essential in assuring the development and well-being of young people and adults alike.
Safeguarding is at the heart of everything Intequal do, this is evidenced through our daily operations including carefully recruiting staff and selecting the employers we work with. This helps ensure we keep our learners safe.

Full policy details can be found here:
Safeguarding Policy



Prevent is one of the four P’s of the Governments Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST), with the others being Pursue, Prepare and Protect. The aim
of CONTEST is to reduce the risk to the UK and its interests overseas from terrorism.
Here at Intequal we have a duty in relation to Prevent, safeguarding our learners from radicalisation and extremism which can lead to the participation in acts of terrorism. We look for signs and vulnerabilities displayed by young adults at risk of being radicalised.

Full policy details can be found here:
Prevent-Policies-R0322.pdf (intequal.co.uk)



Equality & Diversity

Intequal aim to create a working environment
that respects the dignity and rights of all
employees and learners, creating a learning
environment where individuals have the
opportunity to realise their full potential.

Full policy details can be found here: Equality-and-Diversity-Policy-R0322.pdf (intequal.co.uk)

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