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Thinking about starting a career in tech? Or are you in a tech role but want to develop your digital skills further? If so, than a digital or IT apprenticeship job could be the next step for you.

Intequal are a trusted digital and IT apprenticeship training provider. We’re here to help you learn technical skills through on-the-job training and kickstart or progress your career as a tech professional.
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Opportunities in tech: why choose a digital or IT apprenticeship

Do you spend your spare time coding and programming? Have an interest in creating content paired with a love of social media? Perhaps you’re drawn to numbers and data or prefer to communicate and negotiate.

Whether you consider yourself creative, logical, analytical or tech savvy – or even if you’re still figuring out your passions – there’s a career in tech for you. And you don’t need years of experience or a university degree to get there.

A digital and IT apprenticeship provider like Intequal can help you build your career in the UK’s fastest growing industry through a digital or IT apprenticeship job.

Intequal deliver digital and IT apprenticeships to people of all ages across England, working with employers of all of sizes from tech start-ups to international software providers. We regularly post new apprenticeship job vacancies and match jobseekers with employers across the country. You can view our current apprenticeship job vacancies or contact us to find out more.

What digital and IT apprenticeships are available?

Intequal deliver Level 3 and Level 4 apprenticeships across different areas of tech, so that you can choose to develop technical skills in an area that not only interests you but that's in-demand by employers.

Read through our available programmes below and if you already know which apprenticeship you’d like to search for, then check out our current digital and IT apprenticeship job vacancies.

Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3

Gain practical experience while learning the fundamentals of both digital and traditional marketing techniques. On the Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship, you’ll learn about marketing strategy creation, fundamental concepts and theories, content creation, laws and regulations, alongside how to monitor and measure marketing success. 

Read more about the Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship here.

Information Communications Technician (ICT) Level 3

The ICT apprenticeship gives you the skills to become an IT technician who installs, fixes, and maintains computer systems, hardware, and software. You’ll work with technologies ranging from physical cabling and printers to computer applications and online databases. Becoming an IT technician means you’ll be able to operate and control the important tech infrastructure that businesses rely on every day.

You can choose one of three specialist pathways on the ICT apprenticeship. Follow the links below and find out how to become an infrastructure technician with a specialism that matches your interests:

Network Engineer Level 4

If you’re looking for your next step up in IT and want to gain a more in-depth understanding of computer systems, hardware, and software, then explore the Level 4 Network Engineer apprenticeship. As a Network Engineer, you’ll be responsible for implementing, maintaining, and supporting a company’s network infrastructure, such as firewalls, routers, and switches.
Find out more about the Network Engineering apprenticeship.

Data Analyst Level 4

Data analytics is becoming crucial for businesses to make evidence-based decisions using their organisation’s data. The Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship gives you the technical skills to collect and inspect this data to report your findings and help businesses make better decisions. If you want to learn how to analyse data using programming languages like Python and R, as well as learn best practices for database design and how to utilise Big Data to power business decisions, then the Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship is for you.

Data Technician Level 3

As more businesses go digital, they need people who can source, assess, format and present data findings to help drive important business decisions. One of the best ways to gain these fundamental skills is through the Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship.

Software Development Technician Level 3

If you’re wondering how to start a career in software development (a tech career that’s seeing hundreds of new vacancies across the UK every week), then choose a Software Development Technician apprenticeship. Learn on-the-job how to build unique software applications using code, how to test software components, communication skills with colleagues and customers, and development methodologies like Agile and Waterfall.
Read more about the Software Development Technician Level 3 apprenticeship.

Software Developer Level 4

A great progression route from the Software Development Technician Level 3 apprenticeship or for developers with some experience wanting to advance your technical skills and progress your career. The apprenticeship will help achieve customer or business requirements by writing, building and testing software solutions using high-quality code. You will also discover modern programming techniques using machine learning and AI, and learn about computer interface design.
Gain advanced software developer skills through a Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship.

Software Tester Level 4

A software tester is responsible for making sure software achieves business or customer requirements. Software testers usually perform tests across the full software development lifecycle including functionality, security, performance, and usability. This is an important specialist role that works collaboratively with team members to plan, advise, and make improvements on software solutions.
Find out more about becoming a software tester through the Software Tester Level 4 apprenticeship.

IT Technical Salesperson Level 3

Are you a people-person who gets a thrill from negotiating? Do you also enjoy building relationships and have an interest in emerging technologies? Then a career in technical sales could be for you. Develop an in-depth knowledge of your company’s technical products and services like including data storage, computer systems and cloud services alongside sales and communication skills to deliver an excellent customer experience.
Click here to read more about the IT Technical Sales Level 3 apprenticeship.
We know starting or progressing your career can be nerve-wracking, and that the tech sector can seem complex. If you need advice on the right apprenticeship or are wondering which area of tech is right for you, just get in touch.

Intequal are a trusted digital and IT apprenticeship training provider

We’re committed to helping you reach your potential and start or develop your career in tech through digital and IT apprenticeships. We’ll be there for every step of your apprenticeship journey from application and training delivery to progress reviews and assessment preparation.

Our apprenticeships are delivered through:

Two weekly online learning sessions

Apprenticeship training is delivered by an experienced Technical Trainer through virtual group classrooms. You don’t have to spend any time away from the workplace.

Regular progress reviews

Dedicated time to review progress of skills, knowledge and behaviours, delivered every other month. One-to-ones are available to help with any additional needs or support required.

Online portfolio workshops

Online sessions after each module to help with the development of apprentices’ portfolio of work, usually delivered every 3 months. Apprentices participate in peer discussions and feedback to expand their knowledge.

Success skills workshops

Personal and professional skills development sessions in areas such as communication and interpersonal skills, creative problem solving, critical thinking, productivity skills and wellbeing. Delivered every other month.
Find out more about us and our teams.

What our apprentices think

“Apprenticeships are a good way to go as you get the experience of working on a real project as well as the theory. It’s valuable for employers too that you gain this experience. My Trainer was brilliant, helping me with my studies and identifying what I needed to improve on.”

Gabriel Brown, Software Development Technician L3
“I really enjoyed the programme and have gained valuable skills. I never had any idea of how website coding, SEO and WordPress all worked and now I do. What I really liked about the apprenticeship was how practical it was compared to university.”

Arevika, Digital Marketer Level 3
“The whole experience was great with the trainers at Intequal, virtual learning in a group with apprentices from other companies worked well for me to share thoughts and different work project experiences... we had loads of support through weekly training sessions and a lot of one-to-one sessions to speak about any queries I had.”

Brad Malcolm, Apprentice Alumni

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