Choose from a range of high-quality apprenticeship programmes delivered by our expert trainers.

Apprenticeships Programmes On Offer

At Intequal we’ll help you get started on a career as an IT or digital professional whatever your age.

Choose from a range of high-quality apprenticeship programmes delivered by our expert trainers.

We also have extensive experience working with all kinds of companies in various industry sectors. Embarking on an apprenticeship programme organised by us with one of our many clients will provide you with the head start you need for your career.
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Data Analyst

Typical Job Roles:

Departmental Data Analyst, HR, Marketing, Marketing Data Analyst, Data Analyst, Problem Analyst, Junior Analyst

Information Communications Technician (Infrastructure Tech)

3 different pathway modules to choose from:

Network Technician, Support Technician, Digital Communications Technician

Technical Sales

Typical Job Roles:

Technical Sales Manager, Account Manager, Technical Sales Executive, Area Technical Sales, Business Development Manager

Digital Marketing

Typical Job Roles:

Campaign Executive, SEO Executive, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, Web Analyst, Marketing Executive

Software Developer Technician

Typical Job Roles:

Software Development Technician, Junior Mobile App Developer, Junior Application Support Analyst, Junior Web Developer, Automated Test Developer

software developer

Software Developer

Typical Job Roles:

Web Developer, Games Developer, Mobile App Developer, Application Developer, Software Developer

Software Tester

Typical Job Roles:

Software Test Analyst, Software QA Tester, Automation Tester, Integration Tester, Penetration Tester

Network Engineer

Typical Job Roles:

Systems Engineer, Network Technician, Network Administrator, Network Architect, Desk Based Engineer, Field Based Engineer

How Does It Work?

Once successfully employed by one of our clients your apprenticeship is delivered through interactive instructor-led online learning sessions with a fully qualified trainer and 1-to-1 reviews via collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams. These sessions are accessed from your desk at work avoiding time and expense of having to travel to study centres. Once you have completed the programmes (typically 15 – 18 mths) you will gain globally recognised qualifications and take your well earned place amongst the future faces of IT and digital professionals – technology skills are in constant demand!

Programme Elements

Our apprenticeships contain 5 key core modules that all apprentices’ will learn along the way.

Core Training

A custom designed set of core technical training modules which align to needs of apprenticeship standard and industry vendor certifications to provide a rounded, full stack suite of training.



Apprenticeship Plus

A curated set of vendor certifications which form our ‘Apprenticeship Plus’ enrichment option, allowing the apprenticeship to be tailored to the needs of each business.





Produced across the apprenticeship, containing evidence from real work projects, reports, witness testimonies and observations.




End-Point Assessment

Mock and *end-point assessments (EPA) will include:

• Project with presentation and questioning
• Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of work-based competency evidence

Performance in the EPA will determine the apprenticeship grade of fail, pass, merit or distinction.

*End-Point Assessment will vary depending on subject


Success Skills

An extensive set of success / soft skills training provided to apprentices on all programmes designed to develop the wider self. Learning areas include, Media Literacy & Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, and more.






Training Delivery & Support

We deliver our apprenticeship training through interactive, trainer-led, online learning sessions. These live bi-weekly technical training sessions act as a virtual classroom conducted by a fully qualified trainer within the workplace or when working remotely and have shown to support increased productivity as negate the need for lost time travelling to physical classrooms. In addition, we provide live, online vendor and success skills workshops, one-to-one sessions with technical specialist trainer where required and support self-learning using myIntequal, our custom learning management system (LMS).
All of our apprenticeship programmes are supported and delivered by experienced Pathway Planners, Trainers and our dedicated safeguarding team.
A dedicated Pathway Planner will:

  • Establish learning needs with both the apprentice and the business.

  • Conduct regular reviews of progress with the learner and their employer.

  • Support the learner in accessing appropriate training from our range of offerings.

  • Support the learner in the development of their portfolio of evidence and preparation for end point assessment.

  • Support learners and businesses with logistical concerns.



Hear From Our Employers

“We took on our first two apprentices back in September 2017 at the same time to bounce off each other and work together. They both did a great job, skilling up and learning more and more and are both still with the company now – one has recently been promoted to team leader. It’s worked out really well for us. That small team of four is now a team of 18 and the apprentices have really contributed to that organic growth.”

Richard Barwick,
Phoenix Software

“Apprentices combining studying with on the job training quickly gain real-world skills and end up being a lot more value to us than those spending 3-4 years coming out of university with the skills but no real-world knowledge.”

Andrew Smith, Create IT



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