Multi-Channel Marketer Apprenticeship
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Develop your employees’ skills and creative innovative marketing campaigns with the new Multi-Channel Marketing Apprenticeship. Covering both digital and traditional marketing techniques, this programme is set to be popular for marketers of all skill levels. Employ an apprentice and build a strong, future-focused team that engages current audiences and generates new leads and sales.

Note: This programme replaces the Digital Marketer Level 3 programme. 

What is multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing means using different channels to engage target audiences, ensuring that your business is always visible and relevant.

Businesses often use an integrated approach to marketing, and so the Multi-Channel Marketer has been introduced to suit these strategies. Offering employees this innovative programme means enhancing your multi-channel marketing campaigns, applying developed skills and techniques to an array of channels.

Our new apprenticeship standard provides employees with the expertise needed to craft unique, creative strategies aligned with your business goals. We combine digital and traditional channels, ensuring that learners can really hone their skills and bring your campaigns to life.

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Multi-Channel Marketer programme - what’s covered:

The Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship offers the versatility that the previous Digital Marketer programme lacked, ensuring employees’ skills are as flexible as today’s industry. This is an exciting opportunity to test new campaigns, introduce new platforms and really strengthen your competitive edge.

It's suitable for junior or aspiring marketers, or specialists of any level looking to broaden their skills. Our new Level 3 marketing apprenticeship lasts for an average of 16 months - that’s 14 months of learning and the remaining time for the learner’s End Point Assessment.

Our in-depth programme covers:
Marketing concepts and theories
including competitor analysis and brand theory
Laws and regulations
such as user data and privacy policies.
Overall marketing strategy
creating integrated strategies that utilise multiple channels, working with stakeholders and suppliers.
Content creation
all learners need to know about creating, maintaining and managing content.
Monitoring and measuring campaign successes
apprentices will learn to analyse data and manage budgets using platforms such as Google Analytics 4.
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Professional recognition for our apprenticeship programme

Our Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship aligns with leading professional bodies, meaning that our programme is consistent with today’s standards. When choosing Intequal for as your apprenticeship provider, you can be confident that you’re providing employees with the highest levels of training and support.

Hiring a marketing apprentice with Intequal

As specialist marketing apprenticeship providers, we’ve worked with both SMEs and large levy-paying businesses across a range of industries. We’re experienced in creating digital and tech programmes that maximise your funding and enhance your campaigns. During our apprenticeships, learners will gain real-world experience and knowledge, meaning that they can apply new ideas to your business from day one.

Our trainers are there for you and your apprentice from start to finish, utilising the latest technologies as well as our expertise and varied training styles to build a robust programme that propels your business into the future. We provide technical guidance and ensure learners excel, with our strong success rates a testament to what we can do for your business.

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