Apprenticeship Information for Employers

Apprenticeships are an excellent solution for attracting and training tech talent. But if you’re an employer at the start of your apprenticeship journey, it’s likely you’ll be looking for information on how apprenticeships work, how much time apprenticeships take to manage and how much apprenticeships cost.

As an experienced apprenticeship training provider, we’re here to help make your apprenticeship journey as easy as possible. Which is why we’ve compiled these informative apprenticeship resources for you to get started.

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A guide to apprenticeships

From essential apprenticeship information to the employer and manager expectations, we cover everything you need to know about digital and IT apprenticeships:

  • Apprenticeship levels explained
  • Who can do an apprenticeship
  • What apprenticeships are available
  • Employer time and management

Find out why tech businesses should invest in apprenticeships and how a trusted tech apprenticeship provider like Intequal can help.

Read our guide to apprenticeships here.

Attracting new talent through apprenticeships

Did you know that both existing staff and new recruits can be enrolled onto an apprenticeship? With the help of an apprenticeship training provider like Intequal, you can launch an apprenticeship vacancy and hire an apprentice into your business, building a pipeline of engaged and upskilled talent.

Some training providers will charge a fee for apprentice recruitment, but others, like Intequal, will include the costs as part of the apprenticeship training. This means that other than the cost of the apprenticeship training, you won’t have any other financial investments when working with Intequal to hire and train an apprentice.

Find out more about hiring an apprentice with Intequal.

How apprenticeships are funded

Apprenticeships are regulated by Government agencies including the Education and Skills Funding Agency. How you fund an apprenticeship as an employer depends on the rules set out by these agencies. This is something that can seem complex, but we’re here to help make your solution simple.

If you’re an SME, you’ll only contribute 5% of the apprenticeship training costs, with the government funding 95%.

If you’re a large business with over £3m annual staff wage bill, you can use your apprenticeship levy to pay for training.

Find out more about apprenticeship funding.

Benefits of apprenticeships for employers

There are endless benefits of apprenticeships. Whether you’re aiming to close a skills gap, attract new talent, retain current tech staff, or find cost-effective technical training solutions; when working with a training provider like Intequal, we’ll develop a training solution that meets your needs.

Discover more about the benefits of apprenticeships for employers

How apprenticeships help employers achieve business goals

Wherever you are in your apprenticeship journey, we’re here to help.

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