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Absolute Technology are one of Hampshire’s leading IT support businesses, providing a vast array of IT services and solutions to many different industries in the southeast. Their tailored IT support and maintenance service covers everything from computer and server support, networks, cloud computing, email systems, broadband, Wi-Fi, Microsoft 365 and VOIP telephone systems to general day-to-day computer support.

Intequal have worked with Absolute Technology for several years to support their long-term talent development strategy with IT apprenticeships. Martin Greening, Managing Director at Absolute Technology, explains the positive impact apprenticeships have had on their business.

Why did Absolute Technology choose to provide apprenticeship opportunities?

Absolute Technology hired their first apprentice in 2014 who has since progressed to become their Lead Field Engineer. Martin believes that apprentices are more enthusiastic, keen to learn and a lot more curious than their experienced counterparts, and they quickly grasp Absolute Technology’s ways of working compared to seasoned staff who have to adapt to a different workplace.

Absolute Technology wanted a new way to train and teach someone from scratch. Martin explains, “We were committed to explaining our way of thinking and company ethos but also to listening to apprentices’ thoughts so that we could tailor training around the areas they were interested in where possible. For example, one of our apprentices was more interested in the networking and telephony side of IT support so we added vendor specific courses that he wanted to do. Microsoft Teams is increasingly popular with our clients and our apprentice is now a skilled practitioner, able to align the benefits of this application to customers’ needs.”

How have Intequal supported Absolute Technology in hiring and training apprentices?

“This is what we have loved about Intequal,” Martin explained. “The apprenticeship candidates presented to us by Intequal have been stars, keen to go forward and learn more in a role that really sparks their interest.” Absolute Technology and Intequal share the belief that you can train anyone if they have the right attitude to start with. Martin continued, “the main thing for us is that the successful applicant has to like people as well as be a lover of tech because we’re a managed service provider and they’ll constantly speaking to customers.”

Intequal works closely with employers when hiring an apprentice to fully understand their business objectives and requirements and ensure candidates are suited to both the apprenticeship vacancy and hiring organisation.

One of Absolute Technology’s apprenticeship alumni, Brad who is still with them 8 years after his apprenticeship, will never forget the support he had on programme. “I remember my Technical Trainer was really helpful. She didn’t make you feel like you had to do it all on your own and we had loads of support through weekly training sessions and a lot of one-to-one sessions to speak about any queries I had. I felt Sarah wanted the best for us and was invested in helping us pass and grow in our chosen careers.

How has Absolute Technology’s apprenticeship scheme made an impact on their business?

Martin said, “In my view IT apprenticeships managed correctly through a quality apprenticeship training provider like Intequal are fantastic, and I would say 100% take on apprentices to support your business growth. I think you get a different league of individual which helps drive innovation and takes your business capabilities to a whole new level.”

Martin summed up his thoughts by saying, “I think it’s good to bring new skills, enthusiasm, ideas and energy into the tech industry. Training people from a young age is extremely important because it gives them the opportunity to develop the skills the way they want and still meet the goals your business needs to grow. Taking on an apprentice really does enhance your company and it gives young people a great opportunity to do what they are passionate about.”
“In my view IT apprenticeships managed correctly through a quality apprenticeship training provider like Intequal are fantastic, and I would say 100% take on apprentices to support your business growth.”

Martin Greening, Managing Director at Absolute Technology

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