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Looking for a cost-effective way to attract, upskill and retain your tech teams? Apprenticeships are the solution. And working with an apprenticeship provider makes it an easy one.
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Benefits of digital apprenticeships for employers

We'll bring the advice, guidance and expertise. You bring your apprenticeship questions, business objectives and upskilling needs. Together we'll develop a training solution to meet your business needs, whether it's closing a current skills gap by hiring new talent or training existing tech staff. Whatever your goal, there are many benefits of apprenticeships for both SMEs and large businesses.

Access diverse talent pool

Digital apprenticeships are for anyone, at any age, from any background. They may be school leavers, career changers, graduates or budding professionals. Attract a diverse workforce by hiring an apprentice.
Intequal Apprenticeships What we Do

Training suited to the needs of your business

Our digital and IT apprenticeships get your teams working on real business projects. Whether they’re helping your company through digital transformation or supporting your clients with their technology. Intequal delivers technical training so your teams can achieve business objectives.

Relevant digital skills and knowledge

The tech sector is fast-moving, so your team’s training needs to be too. Intequal continually revise the content of our apprenticeships so that your teams receive relevant digital training. It’s why we partner with Microsoft. We embed up-to-date training for businesses working with Microsoft technologies.

Cost-effective training

Digital and IT apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to attract, upskill and retain your tech teams.

If you’re an SME, the Government covers 95-100% of apprenticeship training costs.

If you’re a large employer, your apprenticeship levy will fund training costs.

Find out more about apprenticeship funding.

Improve business productivity

People on an apprenticeship are more motivated, committed and productive at work. 70% of our employer partners have reported improved productivity with apprentices.

Not only for new recruits

Apprenticeships aren't only for new hires. They're an excellent career progression opportunity for your existing teams while building your talent pipeline and digital capabilities. More career development opportunities mean your team are more likely to stay, too - 92% of Intequal's apprentices stay with their employer. An effective solution in a tough talent market.

Digital and IT apprenticeships

Using over 10 years' experience, Intequal have developed digital and IT apprenticeships to help people build a career in the tech industry and gain the skills employers need in our digital world.
You may be a small business delivering tech solutions and need new talent to keep up with rapid growth. Or you may need digital talent to achieve your company’s digital transformation. Intequal help businesses achieve their goals by recruiting and developing the best digital and IT talent through apprenticeships.

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About Intequal Apprenticeship Service

How we’ll support you and your apprentices

Our service doesn’t stop at apprentice recruitment and training delivery. We support you in all aspects of your apprenticeship journey, and in addition to a dedicated point of contact, Intequal will help you with:
  • Mentoring and additional support. Alongside an expert Technical Trainer, each of our apprentices is allocated a Pathway Planner. They provide additional support with learning needs, progress reviews, career advice and assessment preparation.
  • Personal and professional skills development. Soft skills are critically important in the workplace. Our success skills workshops underpin technical training to help apprentices with communication and interpersonal skills, creative problem solving, critical thinking, productivity skills and wellbeing.
  • Industry certifications. Help your rising stars achieve even more by enriching the apprenticeship with industry certifications. Intequal offer additional certificates that can be bolted onto the apprenticeship for a commercial price, supporting skills development in specific technologies or practices aligned to your business needs.
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Why partner with Intequal

  • Flexible and agile to make sure your apprentices achieve the best outcome and deliver real business impact
  • Training is delivered online to minimise time away from the workplace
  • Advice and guidance on the best apprenticeship funding option for your business
  • Full-service apprenticeship provision including free apprentice recruitment with no hidden costs
  • Personalised approach means you’ll have an expert with you every step of the way – reducing your time needed to manage your company’s apprenticeships
“[A] benefit of taking on apprentices is that the training is mapped out for these new employees which saves a lot of time and effort for managers. Supported by Intequal, the apprentice has a structured process of learning new skills and adapting in practice rather than their line manager [who can] focus then on teaching our company nuances, culture and our customer and sector characteristics and needs.”

Emma Taylor, Training & Development Manager at Phoenix Software

Hire an apprentice or upskill your existing employees

Intequal are here to help you access digital skills and talent so that you can fulfil your business growth and objectives.

Whether you want to hire an apprentice or train existing employees, digital and IT apprenticeships will benefit your business through a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Get in touch and we’ll develop an apprenticeship training solution that’s aligned to your business needs.

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