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All the digital technologies we use at home and work are constantly gathering and storing large amounts of data. Companies can use this data to make evidence-based decisions across their business, in areas including customer service, marketing, sales, product development and business improvement.

As a result, businesses need people who can use analytic tools and methods to collect, analyse and report on business-critical data. Skilled data analysts who understand these tools and methods such as AI, predictive analysis, and Python and R, are in high demand.

One of the best ways to access data analyst training is the Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship. The Data Analyst apprenticeship allows people to learn the techniques to gather, inspect, cleanse, transform and model data – all through on-the-job training.
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Who is the Data Analyst apprenticeship for?

The Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship is an advanced skills development opportunity. Apprentices may be new recruits who are natural problem-solvers with an analytical mindset. Or they may be existing team members working with data but want a deeper understanding of how to make use of it.

Either way, during their apprenticeship, learners will collect, study and present data to provide business insight.

Apprentices may be in one of the following job roles:
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Data analysts on this apprenticeship will assess large amounts of data from various internal sources. They’ll use the most up-to-date data languages, tools, and software, and remain compliant with strict data processing legislation. Ultimately, data analysts will work to present their findings to help their company operate more effectively through data-driven business decisions.

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Data Analyst apprenticeship essentials




19 months



Funding for the Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are funded by businesses and/or the Government. Apprentices never have to pay for their training.

Small businesses, or SMEs, who hire an apprentice can pay for the apprenticeship through co-investment or levy transfer. They'll receive 95-100% of the training costs covered. Large employers may pay through their apprenticeship levy.

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The benefits of a Data Analyst apprenticeship

  • To make a true business impact, apprentices work on practical assignments and real projects aligned to their company
  • Delivered virtually on-the-job to reduce time away from the workplace
  • Inclusive training for any age or background
  • Specialist data analyst training in the full data lifecycle, techniques such as data mining, converting qualitative and quantitative data into reports and applying statistical methodologies to data analysis tasks
“Throughout my apprenticeship, I received as much support and help as I needed from both Intequal and [my employer]. The learning experience has helped me really progress by applying the knowledge in my role at work.”

Josh Morrow, Domino Printing

What does the Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship cover?

Intequal’s Data Analyst apprenticeship provides learners with the skills and knowledge to manage activity across the data lifecycle. They'll learn about the right tools and techniques to make quality assessments and produce detailed reports for stakeholders.

Whether you’re a jobseeker looking for practical experience, or a business competing for digital talent, a Data Analyst apprenticeship with on-the-job data analyst training will give you a competitive advantage.

During the Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship, apprentices will learn:

Introduction to Data Analytics

The data analytics lifecycle, types of data and analysis, sampling, statistical interference, quality and testing.


A practical understanding of databases including design, advanced queries, administration and maintenance.

Python and R

Introduction to programming languages and how Python and R are used to perform data analysis.

Advanced Data Analysis and Big Data

All about Big Data and how to use advanced analysis techniques like data architecture, data mining and linear regression.

Operationalising Data Analysis

How the results of data analysis can be used to power business decisions and how to project plan, present and report data findings.

Apprenticeship Plus+

Apprenticeship Plus+ An optional commercial certificate to enrich the apprenticeship and develop skills in specific technologies or practices. Choose from a range of ITIL or Microsoft data analyst courses.

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