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Programming languages, network configurations, prototyping, coding, AI, cloud computing, cyber security… We know, tech is complex. And the rise in technology at work has resulted in the demand for people with the skills to use these technologies.

Intequal are digital and IT training specialists. We handle the complexities of technical training through work-based digital and IT apprenticeships. Our apprenticeships provide new recruits and existing teams with the skills to make tech companies and digital business functions thrive.

We deliver Level 3 and Level 4 apprenticeship training in tech areas including data analytics, programming, software development, digital marketing, infrastructure, networking and more.

And we don’t only focus on technical skills. We know how important soft skills are in tech roles, too. Our apprenticeships provide training to develop communication, stakeholder management and critical thinking skills.

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IT infrastructure, cloud and networking

In today’s digital world, companies of all sizes and sectors rely on technology. They use it to communicate, share information, collect data and sell their products or services.Intequal delivers apprenticeships that create skilled IT experts who can install, maintain and fix hardware, software and cloud technologies. As a result, businesses can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.Explore our apprenticeships in IT infrastructure and cloud technology:

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Multi-Channel Marketing

A multi-channel marketer defines, designs, and builds marketing campaigns across a range of media to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention with the goal of improving organisational sales. They are responsible for some elements of an overall marketing plan or campaign and work to marketing briefs and instructions. The Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to implement effective marketing campaigns across a range of channels to drive brand awareness, lead generation and customer sales and to analyse campaigns to judge effectiveness and make improvements. The Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship is suitable for: Those who are interested in developing an advanced understanding of marketing strategies to meet customer needs or increase business sales. They will be responsible for managing marketing campaigns, analysing marketing channel analytics, delivering written customer service over social media and other platforms.

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Software development

Software developers have some of the most sought-after digital skills sets. They use coding and programming languages to build computer and mobile applications, develop websites and test software to make sure it’s functioning flawlessly. Build your own in-house experts through software development apprenticeships.Explore our apprenticeships in software development:

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Data analytics

As businesses continue to go more digital, all the technologies used are resulting in huge amounts of data. Whether it’s customer, financial or operational, analysing this data is critical to making smart business decisions. Now’s the time to make the most of your data through on-the-job data analytics courses. Develop a data-driven, digitally enabled workforce through data analysis apprenticeships:

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Technical sales

If you provide software as a service or sell technical products like data storage and cloud technologies, a knowledgeable sales team is key to fuelling your business growth. Upskill your sales team with both technical knowledge and important sales skills through a technical sales apprenticeship.Explore our technical sales apprenticeship:

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Our digital and IT apprenticeship delivery

Two weekly online learning sessions

Apprenticeship training is delivered by a qualified Technical Trainer through virtual group classrooms. Apprentices don’t have to spend any time away from the workplace.

Regular progress reviews

Dedicated time to review progress of skills, knowledge and behaviours, delivered every other month. One-to-ones are available to help with any additional needs or support required.

Online portfolio workshops

Online sessions after each module to help with the development of apprentices’ portfolio of work, usually delivered every 3 months. Apprentices participate in peer discussions and feedback to expand their knowledge.

Success skills workshops

Personal and professional skills development sessions in areas such as communication and interpersonal skills, creative problem solving, critical thinking, productivity skills and wellbeing. Delivered every other month.

Apprenticeship Plus

Enrich the apprenticeship with commercial industry certifications aligned to each programme and the technologies you use in your business. This will run alongside the regular apprenticeship programme.

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Train with trusted tech specialists

We care about quality

We believe in lifelong learning and continually develop programme content to stay relevant and industry-leading. We’re pleased to maintain an Ofsted Grade 2 ‘Good’.

We’re trusted in the tech sector

Intequal are a Silver Microsoft Learning Partner. We’ve worked closely with Microsoft to build their learning resources into our apprenticeships, so that apprentices build industry-ready skills in Microsoft technologies.

We understand your business

We know that every business is different, so its training should be too. That’s why we align the apprenticeship with businesses’ goals, needs and objectives, and apprentices will work on real projects for their business throughout the apprenticeship.

We’re committed to success

We value building strong relationships with apprentices and employers and are passionate about their success. 98.5% of our apprentices successfully complete their apprenticeship, and 87% of our employers are satisfied with our support.
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