Data Technician apprenticeship

Data can be found in most business functions across many different sectors. Where there’s sales, orders, customer enquiries, website visits, financing, logistics and the list goes on – there’s data that can be analysed to provide deeper customer and business insights.

As more businesses go digital, they need people who can source, assess, format and present data findings to help drive important business decisions. One of the best ways to gain these fundamental skills is through the Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship.

Who is the Data Technician apprenticeship for?

The Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship is suitable for any role that handles large amounts of data or performs basic level data analytics. Apprentices may be new recruits or existing team members.

Within their role, apprentices will:

  • Collect, design and clean data to ensure it is accurate and consistent
  • Analyse data within spreadsheets and present findings on charts, reports and dashboards
  • Use data analysis tools to automate data handling operations

The apprentice could be a junior data analyst, or their role may not actually be solely focused on data; for example, they could be in marketing, sales, customer experience, account management, IT, healthcare, supply chain or logistics. This is a versatile data analysis apprenticeship that provides beginner data analytics training.

Data Tech L3 image

How is the Data Technician apprenticeship delivered?


If you’re interested in the Data Technician apprenticeship for your teams, please contact Lifetime Training.

Apprentice jobseeker?

If you’re looking to start your own Data Technician apprenticeship, you can view current apprenticeship vacancies on Lifetime’s website. If there are no live vacancies, make sure to register for job alerts on their website.