Network Technician apprenticeship

Specialist pathway of Information Communications Technician Level 3

Technology has become a fundamental part of everyday life. It affects how we communicate, connect, play, learn and work. Most of our technology devices are interconnected – like our computers, printers and even doorbells that connect to an app. These devices connect and share data with each other through routers, switches and network devices. This is called networking.

Networking is what allows us and our devices to connect to the internet. It’s an essential function so that we can stay connected to each other and to companies. Companies need skilled tech experts to install, maintain and fix their computer and network systems so that they can carry out their everyday business.

The Information Communications Technician Level 3 apprenticeship, specialising in Networking, provides the foundational skills and knowledge to manage and maintain networks. And importantly, to keep us all connected!
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Who is the Network Technician apprenticeship for?

The Network Technician apprenticeship is a specialist pathway of the Information Communications Technician (ICT) Level 3 apprenticeship. It’s an entry-level skills development opportunity for people who install, maintain and fix network devices, switches and routers.

Apprentices may be in one of the following job roles:
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Network Technicians on this apprenticeship could be desk or field-based. They'll provide network support for their company or for their employer’s customers. They may be working with hardware and software, computer networks or cloud technologies. They may also complete cabling tasks and defend networks against security risks.

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ICT apprenticeship essentials

Learners on the Network Technician pathway of the ICT apprenticeship will be specialising in network maintenance, operations and control.




16 months



Apprentice prerequisites:

No equivalent qualifications in IT
Not in full-time education

Professional recognition:

Apprentices can apply to join the Register of IT Technicians

Funding for the Information Communications Technician apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are funded by businesses and/or the Government. Apprentices never have to pay for their training.

Small businesses, or SMEs, who hire an apprentice can pay for the apprenticeship through co-investment or levy transfer. They'll receive 95-100% of the training costs covered. Large employers may pay through their apprenticeship levy.

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The benefits of a Network Technician apprenticeship

  • To make a true business impact, apprentices work on practical assignments and real projects that align to their company
  • Delivered virtually on-the-job to reduce time away from the workplace
  • Inclusive training for any age or background
  • Specialist technical training in computer architecture and security, cloud services, and advanced networking concepts
“Haroon has capitalised and thrived on the opportunities that his apprenticeship has offered so that now he has progressed to becoming a highly valued and respected IT engineer.”

Peter Maslyn, CTS about learner Haroon Baig, Information Communications Technician L3

What does the Network Technician apprenticeship cover?

Understanding both technology and communication is important in the fast-moving world of tech. Intequal’s apprenticeships cover both technical training and key IT communication skills. Whether you're a jobseeker or business, these skills will set you apart from the competition.

Apprentices on the specialist Network Technician Level 3 apprenticeship pathway will learn :

Business and communication

Providing remote support, gathering service feedback, creating technical help guides and the key communication skills to deliver effective and efficient support in IT.

Computer architecture and security

The main components of computer hardware, operating systems and applications, information security and how to work safely with computers.

Networking and cloud services

The fundamental concepts of networking and cloud technologies including wired networks, networking models, network security and protocols like disaster recovery.

Advanced Networking

The advanced networking concepts including cloud security and DevOps, and how to install and configure software and hardware such as internet routers or mobile network devices.

Apprenticeship Plus+

An optional commercial certificate to enrich the apprenticeship and develop skills in specific technologies or practices. Choose from a range of CompTIA or Microsoft courses.

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