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As more companies use custom-made software, it’s critical that software testing takes place so there are no bugs or defects when the software is launched.

Software testing is a unique and specialised tech role within the software development lifecycle. Working with software developers or software engineers, a software tester does exactly that: tests software. But this sought-after role requires expert technical skills and knowledge - both which can be gained on-the-job through a Software Tester apprenticeship.

The Level 4 Software Tester apprenticeship upskills people across the full software development lifecycle, with a key focus on software testing. It covers testing fundamentals, techniques and analysis so that learners can make sure software meets functional, security and usability requirements.
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Who is the Software Tester apprenticeship for?

The Software Tester apprenticeship is an advanced skills development opportunity. Apprentices may be new recruits who have a high attention to detail and a passion for tech or may be existing team members who want to specialise in software testing.

Either way, during their apprenticeship, learners will ensure software operates as intended using manual and automated testing techniques.

Apprentices may be in one of the following job roles:
Software Tester L4 Apprenticeships
Software testers on this apprenticeship will be responsible for designing and preparing a testing plan and strategy on software applications such as web, desktop, mobile, Internet of Things and AI. They’ll use various software testing tools to conduct testing at different levels. This may include unit testing, component integration testing and user acceptance testing. They must maintain a strong consideration to accessibility and usability requirements.

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Software Testing apprenticeship essentials




18 months



Funding for the Software Testing apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are funded by businesses and/or the Government. Apprentices never have to pay for their training.

Small businesses, or SMEs, who hire an apprentice can pay for the apprenticeship through co-investment or levy transfer. They'll receive 95-100% of the training costs covered. Large employers may pay through their apprenticeship levy.

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The benefits of a Software Tester apprenticeship

  • To make a true business impact, apprentices work on practical assignments and real projects aligned to their company
  • Delivered virtually on-the-job to reduce time away from the workplace
  • Inclusive training for any age or background
  • Specialist technical training in areas such as the impact of software architecture on testing, regression strategies, test techniques like White Box, Black Box, and Experience-Based, and sequential and iterative development methodologies
“If you want to be in an industry that is continuously evolving, then I would definitely recommend looking at IT and digital roles. It’s not a boring career choice and if you put enough effort in, you’ll really enjoy it.”

Josh Broadbent, Phoenix Software apprentice

What does the Software Tester apprenticeship cover?

Intequal’s Level 4 Software Tester apprenticeship gives people the technical skills and knowledge to design, prepare and carry out tests to make sure software is working and fit for purpose. Whether you’re a jobseeker looking for practical experience, or a business competing for digital talent, a Software Tester apprenticeship with on-the-job training will give you a competitive advantage.

During the Software Tester apprenticeship, apprentices will learn:

Software Development 101

The fundamentals of software development, how computer applications and systems are designed and developed, and the role of testing in the software development lifecycle.

Agile Development

How to use the Agile development methodology as an approach to project management and the software development lifecycle.

Testing Fundamentals

The underpinning principles and concepts of software testing.

Testing Techniques

The range of testing techniques such as static, dynamic and automated testing.

Apprenticeship Plus+

An optional commercial certificate to enrich the apprenticeship and develop skills in specific technologies or practices. Choose from a range of ISTQB or ITIL courses.

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