Top Tech Talent in Network Engineering: Paul Amos-Gibbs


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We’re excited to announce Paul Amos-Gibbs is the winner of our 2023 NAW Top Tech Talent in Network Engineering. Paul is 50 years old and is on a Level 4 Network Engineer apprenticeship, working as an O&M Engineer at Telent in Warwickshire. Let’s hear more about his apprenticeship experience and why he was crowned one of our Top Tech Talent.

Why did Paul choose a Network Engineer apprenticeship?

Paul works full-time, so the apprenticeship fitted in well for his schedule and lifestyle. “An apprenticeship would allow me to learn while I continue to work,” he explained. “The apprenticeship was fully supported by my employer and has been beneficial to me as well as my employer.”

What skills and knowledge has Paul developed on his Network Engineering apprenticeship, and how has he applied these at work?

Paul has developed specialist network engineering skills and knowledge. He said, “I have learnt more about the various network types and services and how things like DHCP work. The increased network skills have helped me diagnose and fix some IP issues on the legacy and new equipment at work.”

Not only has he learnt new technical skills, but he’s also become more confident to voice his opinions with his new knowledge behind him.

Paul's Top Tech Talent nomination

Paul was nominated as Top Tech Talent in Network Engineering by his Pathway Planner at Intequal, who said:

“Paul has been a model learner throughout his apprenticeship. He meets the deadlines set, goes out of his way to help his peers, including arranging for them to get exposure to Standards in his department. He produces a high standard of work and puts a lot of effort into everything he does.”

We also heard from Paul’s mentor James Walton, Senior Operations & Maintenance Engineer, and manager Dave Woodward, Technology Manager, on why Paul deserves to be named Top Tech Talent in Network Engineering. They said:
James: “I think Paul deserves to be named one of Intequal's top talents due to his vast technical knowledge gathered over many years, not only that, but his willingness to share it and help others. I know I can go to Paul and ask him any technical question and he will know the answer.”

Dave: “A lot of apprenticeships are aimed at the younger generation and college leavers. It is good that someone with a well-established career can start an apprenticeship to better themselves and their business unit.”

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