Top Tech Talent in ICT: Nicholas Williams


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Nick Williams
We’re excited to announce Nicholas Williams is the winner of our 2023 NAW Top Tech Talent in IT. Nick is 19 years old and is on a Level 3 Information Communications Technician (ICT) apprenticeship at projectfive in Camberley. Let’s hear more about his apprenticeship experience and why he was crowned one of our Top Tech Talent.

Why did Nick choose an ICT apprenticeship?

Nick didn’t feel engaged at college and knew university wasn’t the right option for him. “I decided an apprenticeship would be the right option to allow me to gain experience working in the field and learn skills at the same time,” he explained.

What skills and knowledge has Nick developed on his ICT apprenticeship? Have his career goals and aspirations changed since starting his apprenticeship?

“I’ve learnt a wide variety of skills through my apprenticeship training,” Nick said, “but the best thing is the experience.” Nick loves being able to work with clients who are having “tech issues in real time.” Practical work experience helps cement skills and creates knowledge development for tech apprentices.

Nick’s career goals are largely the same as when he started his apprenticeship, but he is now equipped with new skills to better support his clients; “I look to continue working at projectfive and continuing to provide support to our clients.”

Nick’s Top Tech Talent nomination

Nick was nominated as Top Tech Talent in ICT by his Pathway Planner at Intequal, who said:

“I have seen Nick grow extraordinarily. He has an active EHC plan in place for dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorder and learning difficulties including ADHD and Tourette's, and if anyone deserves to be called a star it is definitely him. Nick has constantly challenged himself and every single one of his nerves throughout – but not his abilities around IT as he completely shines and will answer anything really confidently. Nick’s portfolio is robust and has been completed to a very high standard in layout, design and content, with all competencies achieved on more than one occasion.”

We also heard from Nick’s manager Philip Dear, Operations Manager at projectfive, on why Nick deserves to be named Top Tech Talent in ICT. Phil said:
“Nick's enthusiasm won us over and he hasn't let us down. He has built great relationships throughout the organisation and has proved that he can deliver what we need from him in droves. Despite a few setbacks with his studies, he has found ways to show what he is capable of and has impressed our senior technicians with his dedication and a true thirst for knowledge. Nick deserves recognition for overcoming obstacles that others don't face and becoming a valued member of our technical team.”

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