Intequal selects CognAssist to help identify, support and fund learners with additional learning needs


December 2018

At Intequal we are pleased to announce that we have selected CognAssist as part of our strategy to identify and support apprentices with additional learning needs.

The adoption of CognAssist will support our learners with a unique blend of assessment for hidden learning needs and the provision of online learning resources. This will add to our ongoing drive for quality improvements in IT apprenticeships across England.

Rod Harris, Head of Operations said that we are pleased to add to its comprehensive support to learners with neurodiverse needs and that CognAssist will not only benefit the learners but the organisations they work for too:

‘CognAssist will directly benefit our learners with a simple online assessment of those with hidden learning needs. It then supports them further with a range of engaging learning support resources. We deliver our apprenticeships through blended learning so were attracted to the support this ‘CognAssist service offers our learners.’

Chris Quickfall, CEO of CognAssist commented, ‘We are delighted that Intequal has chosen CognAssist. They join over 60 other customers as CognAssist users, delivering support to over 20,000 learners with additional learning needs. We look forward to working with them, to support their continued success.


About CognAssist:

CognAssist is a unique education solutions business focused on helping neurodiverse apprentices and their education providers succeed.

They create opportunities for learners by assessing their additional learning needs and providing them with easy-to-access learning materials to support them in their off-the-job training.

Their unique combination of analysis and expertise delivered through innovative technology is designed to help providers and their learners achieve more.