Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics

If you are aged 19 or over, currently living in the Greater Manchester area and wish to develop your digital and database skills to help you find work or switch/expand your career options, please register your interest in our Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics today!  

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We are excited to be working in partnership with the Growth Company to deliver this flagship Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics activity to local people living in the Greater Manchester area. Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

This initiative has been introduced recently by the Government as part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs commitment, in partnership with employers, providers and local authorities, to help people develop the skills that are in demand in their local area and get a better job.  

Whether you are in employment, self-employed or currently unemployed, this is a fantastic opportunity to secure a fully-funded place on this online interactive 12 week Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics, further your interest in unlocking the potential from business data, explore a new career and gain new skills that are in high demand in the jobs market currently.

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About The Training  

As passionate advocates of ensuring digital skills are accessible for all those seeking a career in IT, digital and data roles, we are really pleased to be joining our colleagues at the Growth Company as one of the training partners for this brilliant Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics initiative available to people in the Greater Manchester area. Our experienced team have crafted a great interactive, tutor-led, online Data Analytics programme that provides an introduction to this increasingly popular topic plus an overview of the tools and techniques that can be used to unlock valuable business insights. Learners will get a chance to apply those skills in real-time project activities and gain an understanding of why this information is so important to businesses successfully competing in the current and future marketplace.  

As with all of our training, we will take a holistic approach and also provide expert advice to support individual’s personal development and enrich the skills training with employability advice and tips. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning how to transform data into information to support business decision-making to secure a new role, switch careers or work smarter in their own business.

 Who Is This For? 

Check out our eligibility for the Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics.
Must be aged over 19. Must be living in the Greater Manchester area.


Unemployed or Employed

  • Looking to begin, retrain or switch careers, maybe from non tech to tech, to secure an in-demand digital role that is increasing in popularity 


  • Support working smarter in your own business to understand what works and what doesn’t through data analysis.


  • Unlock insights for your current company enabling analysis in a variety of business areas including web and social analytics.

Study Modules  

Module 1 (1 week)

- Introduction to the World of Data Analytics.

Guided Learning Hours (4 hours), Self Access Learning Hours (4 hours)

  • Introduction and welcome to the programme, discussing required elements and standards.
  • Introduction to the world of data analytics and the specific job context within through case studies covering the use of data analytics in a range of contexts.

Module 2 (2 weeks) 

- The Data Analysis Lifecycle in Action

- Guided Learning Hours (8 hours), Self Access Learning Hours (8 hours)

  • The data and data analytics lifecycle
  • Data analytics contexts in research and business
  • Data analytics case studies
  • Effective data collection
  • Designing good data collection surveys

Module 3 (3 weeks) 

- Analysis Techniques

- Guided Learning Hours (12 hours), Self Access Learning Hours (12 hours)

  • Quantitative / Qualitative
  • Types of data
  • Statistical mathematics
  • Populations and sampling
  • Statistical inference
  • Linear & logistic regression (this specifically leads into the R training module)

Module 4 (1 week) 

- Working as a Data Analyst

- Guided Learning Hours (4 hours), Self Access Learning Hours (4 hours)

  • Industry insight session
  • Positioning yourself for success
  • Masterclass in proactive searching
  • CV workshop
  • Interview workshop
  • Tech test insight session
  • Building a portfolio
  • 1:1 session with Careers Mentor

Module 5 (3 weeks) 

- Analysing Data with R

- Guided Learning Hours (12 hours), Self Access Learning Hours (12 hours)

  • Why use programming in data analytics?
  • Introduction to R
  • Programming 101
  • Programming constructs (sequence, selection and iteration)
  • Cleaning, manipulating, processing and analysis in python and R.
  • Plotting charts in R

Module 6 (2 weeks) 

- Analysing Data with R

- Guided Learning Hours (8 hours), Self Access Learning Hours (8 hours)

  • During this module learners will conduct a small data analysis project, which will involve investigating a suitable hypothesis. Learners will design the data collection technique, collect, prepare and analyse the data and will then present the results back to the class in a formal presentation

Additional Information

What does the Skills Bootcamp consist of?

The 12-week Skills Bootcamp comprises four core areas:

  • Providing a broad introduction into the World of Data Analysis initially
  • Supporting individuals with employability skills activities
  • Teaching about the techniques and tools available to support data analysis
  • Applying the theory in a practical project activity

Skills Bootcamp content – is this split into units?

  • Course content is split into modules. Modules are delivered in sequence with supporting self-learning activities available on myIntequal. Other self-learning modules are available to address individual needs as identified by the Pathway Planner.

What happens after enrolment?

  • Once a learner is enrolled on the Skills Bootcamp they will be allocated a dedicated Pathway Planner who is tasked with supporting the learner through to successful completion. When the Pathway Planner is allocated, they are fully informed of all of details supplied during the enrolment process, including disclosures made by the learner, and the results of initial technical and cognitive assessments.

Information, advice, and guidance

  • Our Pathway Planners provide high-quality, individualised information, advice, and guidance to learners throughout the programme. This is learner-focused, with the Pathway Planner deploying various interventions as required to help the learner reach their goals.

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