1. What attracted you to your apprenticeship?

When I was searching for Apprenticeships, I wanted something that was approx. 30 minutes or less to commute to and the company itself be small. That is exactly what I found at Capp, it is a small company that is growing rapidly and I am glad to be a part of the expansion and envisage that Capp will continue to be one of the world leading HR consultancy companies that are around. Capp focus a lot on personal development and that was something that really helped to convince me to apply for the role as I wanted to work for a company where I know that I am free within limits to try and better myself for a role as well as adding value to the company itself by learning new methodologies that I can help implement into the business to better the IT infrastructure.


  1. What are you enjoying about your apprenticeship?

In terms of what I enjoy about my Apprenticeship is the idea of a job waiting at the end for me. Job security is so key in today’s generation as qualifications can often be the second things that employers look at and focus more on if candidates have experience for the role that they are applying for. I also enjoy the independence that I am able to educate myself and at my own pace too whilst knowing that if I am stuck I can ask for help/guidance –this especially helps when there have been situations where I have had deadlines at my workplace which meant that I can re-plan my coursework time. I also enjoy the fact that I can grow, both personally and professionally by being introduced to other people and widening my networking connections too, this is something that I would encourage all Apprentices to get into is professional networking (LinkedIn).


  1. What are the benefits of you doing your apprenticeship with Intequal (Formally IT Skillsman)?

Intequal are extremely resourceful and can often point their students in the right direction whilst allowing them to be independent at the same time. Intequal are very keen on wanting to see their students succeed and this is evident in their teaching methodologies – they will try their hardest to facilitate the training around the students and will come to the workplace regularly throughout the Apprenticeship to keep in contact with the Apprentice’s Line Manager and have a general catch-up on everything to make sure that we aren’t struggling in any way.

  1. What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most about your role?

I love helping external clients – we work closely with Lloyds Banking Group and I have had to set up 20 Laptops that are used at their Assessment Centres when recruiting Graduates across 14 business areas, it was an exciting project and one that is constantly being managed. I also love that I can expand my knowledge without having to worry if I don’t understand something the first time around, it makes tasks less daunting if I don’t understand as people within the workplace do understand that I am still learning everything. I also love working with the people that I do as I am faced with different problems, some are easier to fix than others and the more challenging ones I love to do research and document my findings so that I can come back to it at a later date should there ever be a similar issue.

  1. How easy was it finding your apprenticeship and the recruitment process?

I found my Apprenticeship on the National Apprenticeship site and it was very easy to find what Capp were looking for in an Apprentice in terms of desirable skills and required skills. In order to show what skills I have I had to do a little research task which included some technical research for processes and protocols that I was unaware of to show that I can quickly surmise my findings. I was then sent jobs that Intequal thought were suitable for me to apply to. I’d been to 1 interview before coming to Capp a week later for an interview so it shows how quickly Intequal are dedicated to finding their Apprentices a position and get into the working world.