Top Tech Talent in Digital Marketing: Paula Jennings


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We’re excited to announce Paula Jennings is the winner of our 2023 NAW Top Tech Talent in Digital Marketing. Paula is 45 years old and is on a Level 3 Digital Marketer apprenticeship, working as a Digital Communications Manager at Europcar Mobility Group in the Midlands. Let’s hear more about her apprenticeship experience and why she was crowned one of our Top Tech Talent.

Why did Paula choose a digital marketing apprenticeship?

Paula recently moved from a generalist marketing position to a more digitally focused role, where she now leads a team. She made the decision to start her digital marketing apprenticeship so that she could grow in her role and better support her department.

Paula said, “I felt practical experience and on-the-job learning would be far more beneficial to me and my development than being taken away from the workplace to learn new skills.”

What skills and knowledge has Paula developed on her digital marketing apprenticeship, and how has she applied these at work?

“I have learnt a great deal about coding,” Paula explained. “I really surprised myself with how well I was able to take this on board and learn to be proficient.” Paula never classed herself as a very ‘technical’ person, and previously felt frustrated at work when she needed to ask for support because she didn’t fully understand some technologies or systems like HTML. “With my new skills I am now able to read and write HTML code in my email marketing templates and make adjustments myself when needed.”

Since starting her apprenticeship, Paula has felt a sense of fulfilment in learning new things and has taken on the responsibility for the content for Europcar Mobility Group’s digital channels in the UK. She has also started managing the planning, implementation, performance and improvement of email campaigns.

What are Paula's career goals and aspirations, and how have they changed since starting an apprenticeship?

As she’s progressed through her apprenticeship, Paula’s goals have significantly changed. She’d like to move to a broader digital role with responsibility for the company’s UK website and its performance.

Paula has also set herself objectives to hone her digital marketing skills. “I would like to further develop my analytical skills and have increased responsibility for email audience segmentation and email sending,” Paula added. “Also, to have the opportunity to analyse the customer journey and optimise lifecycle communications to increase revenue, and research new ways to engage and retain customers.”

Paula’s Top Tech Talent nomination

Paula was nominated as Top Tech Talent in Digital Marketing by her Pathway Planner at Intequal, who said:

“Paula has a fantastic dedication to her job role and her work... although she is established in her role, she is humble and understands that she can grow and improve in her skillset. She has developed significantly through this apprenticeship; she got out of her comfort zone with coding skills development and embarked on new disciplines at work. Her portfolio is astonishing, and although her life and job are busy enough, she makes it look easy. She is a prime example of how planning and dedication can pay off, and this apprenticeship has also inspired her children to better themselves too. Paula’s hard work and dedication to this apprenticeship show that if you make it your goal, you can achieve a lot in your life.”

We also heard from Paula’s manager Tim Morris, Head of Marketing at Europcar Mobility Group, on why Paula deserves to be named Top Tech Talent in Digital Marketing. Tim said:
“Paula has approached her apprenticeship with the same enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism, as she does her day-to-day job. Paula is never happy with an ‘ok’ performance, she sets out to deliver the best results possible - whether that be consistently smashing her CRM KPI's, or repeatedly coming top of her class in her apprenticeship. Paula is always taking on new challenges, rising above and beyond expectations, and delivering quality every time. We need more Paula's in the world!

“If I could put a value on the KPI improvement of the CRM programme [she’s been working on] I'd say there's £100k incremental revenue benefit at least. And she's only just getting started on B2B comms where we're targeting £250k plus accounts so she is absolutely one of our MVPs.”

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