Top Tech Talent in Data Analytics: Gage Lorimer


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We’re excited to announce Gage Lorimer is the winner of our 2023 NAW Top Tech Talent in Data Analytics. Gage is 24 and is on a Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship at Atlas Hotels in Leicestershire. Let’s hear more about his apprenticeship experience and why he was crowned one of our Top Tech Talent.

Why did Gage choose a Data Analyst apprenticeship?

Gage went to university, but quickly found out that having a degree wasn’t always enough. He lacked work experience which hindered him from getting a role in the data industry. He also felt limited with the types of software and applications he used at university, which was never the same as jobs he wanted to apply for.

Setting out to fill in his own knowledge gaps, Gage applied for an apprenticeship to get on-the-job experience with new data applications as well as to develop his soft skills, such as presenting and building workplace relationships.

What skills and knowledge has Gage developed on his Data Analyst apprenticeship, and how has he applied these at work?

Gage has learnt how to use different data analytic platforms to streamline processes and track results across different departments of Atlas Hotels. One such platform is Alteryx, which Gage now uses to automate data cleansing and reporting. He led a project using Alteryx that allowed the business to find outstanding procurement orders and send actions to relevant stakeholders. The process he created saves a lot of time for the finance team who previously had to manually chase invoices or approvals.

His favourite new skill is using Tableau to develop dashboards that enable departments to track their KPIs. For example, the operations team asked Gage to create a dashboard that compares spend against budget, which he developed to provide easy access to relevant key information when previously, the team would have had to check through many different sources.

As well as these new technical skills, Gage has gained a lot of confidence when interacting with colleagues. He also feels he’s really improved his presentation skills. Within the first few months of his apprenticeship, he presented to the CEO and Directors, and is now more than happy to share his ideas throughout the organisation.

What are Gage’s career goals and aspirations, and how have they changed since starting an apprenticeship?

Before starting his apprenticeship, Gage felt like he lacked the understanding of what real businesses struggled with day-to-day. Now that he has a better understanding of business needs, his aspirations are to help businesses overcome these challenges. He aspires to be more vocal with the data he works with, finding data insights to drive business decisions and build relationships with colleagues so that they trust his recommendations.

Another career goal is to continue developing his Tableau and Alteryx skills as well as spend time working with new data applications.

Gage’s Top Tech Talent nomination

Gage was nominated as Top Tech Talent in Data Analytics by his Pathway Planner at Intequal, who said:

“Gage has produced an excellent standard of work throughout his apprenticeship. He has extended his learning above and beyond the requirements of the Standards. Through his analysis, he has identified questions that senior management at the hotels hadn't thought to ask, as a result his work has improved the functioning of the company. In addition, Gage also introduced the use of Python to his workplace to automate tasks, and as a result different departments using Gage's automated system are saving hours each week.”

We also heard from Gage’s manager Lee Clark, Head of Data and Analytics at Atlas Hotels, on why Gage deserves to be named Top Tech Talent in Data Analytics. Lee said:
“The base requirements for any apprentice should be a curious mind, passion and a desire to add value to the organisation, which Gage has in abundance. Ever since he arrived, not only has he observed and strived to understand processes but has also made suggestions to improve using new technology and his skills, therefore gradually improving processes making them the new norm.

“In our organisation we operate on a fluid platform coupled with weekly sprints, which works well for Gage as he is naturally agile and able to pivot at the drop of a hat. We are a small team of 3 which means we must be adaptable; this also means that Gage is exposed to several activities ranging from commercial decision making to monitoring employee feedback through surveys. This exposure has introduced him to the world of corporate messaging and more importantly how you can articulate / frame a result to work towards a desired goal, even if the result is not as expected.

“Finally, Gage has embraced his extra-curricular work and being passionate about absorbing as much information from not only the education provided by Intequal but also his peers to help make him a truly rounded and appreciated member of the team that we are keen to keep and promote following the conclusion of his apprenticeship.”

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