Jack’s experience of choosing an IT apprenticeship over university


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Jack knew that he didn’t want to go to college or university after completing his GSCEs. With an interest in IT, he decided to pursue a career in tech. Hear about Jack’s experience of finding and achieving his apprenticeship.

What inspired Jack to do an apprenticeship?

Jack knew early on that he didn’t want to be stuck in a classroom for 5 days a week. So, at the age of 16, he started to think about alternative routes to start a career. He had always been good at IT and had a huge interest in tech, so decided to look at tech career opportunities.

Jack thought that it would be hard to break into the IT industry without specialist qualifications. “Fortunately, and to my surprise, there were IT apprenticeships available,” Jack said. “I’d picked up enough knowledge in school and from what I’d taught myself, that I was able to show that I have an interest in IT and a desire to pursue it as a career.”

What was Jack’s experience like during his apprenticeship?

“I was able to secure a Network Engineer apprenticeship through Intequal, who connected me with my employer. They’re incredibly supportive,” said Jack. Unlike his friends who were completing an apprenticeship with different training providers, Jack really enjoyed that he didn’t have to go to college or take a day off work to complete his apprenticeship, as his sessions were delivered online during working hours. He said his employer loved this too!

After passing his Level 3 qualification, Jack moved onto the Level 4 Network Engineer apprenticeship, saying, “now with my handful of qualifications, I’ve become a Network Engineer with some of the most widely accepted and wanted qualifications all over the world. I’ve moved into a larger business to continue to grow my knowledge of different technologies which I don’t believe I could have done without my apprenticeship.”

How has Jack’s apprenticeship helped him develop his career in tech?

He continued, “While I’ve been doing my courses, with the support of my employers and my Trainers, I’ve learnt so much about a range of technologies including, all Windows Operating Systems (Server and Desktop), Linux, Project Management, Security and Networks. Although hard at times, the apprenticeship has definitely been worth it. It has given me the skills and experience that make me very employable when I finish. I’m so glad I decided to go down the apprenticeship route!”

Jack believes that if you want to grow quickly in the IT world right out of school, then an apprenticeship with on-the-job training is the best way to go. We strongly echo this belief!

Thinking about starting a tech apprenticeship?

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