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Maciej Sobusiak, or Mac as his friends and colleagues call him, successfully achieved his IT apprenticeship. He completed the Infrastructure Technician Level 3 apprenticeship, which has now been replaced by the Information Communications Technician (ICT) apprenticeship. Hear from Mac on his experience as an apprentice with Intequal.

What inspired Mac to choose a career and apprenticeship in technology?

Mac has been fascinated by IT from an early age. He even built his own computer when he was 11. Mac remembers when someone said to him, “if you truly love doing something make it your job.” His passion for technology means that he doesn’t see his role as an IT Technician as a job, but more as a hobby.

Mac wasn’t aware of apprenticeships until the company Form IT, where he’d been working for almost a year, gave him the opportunity to apply for an IT Technician apprenticeship.

How did Mac feel in the early stages of his apprenticeship, and how was he supported?

At the start of his IT apprenticeship, Mac was slightly nervous about finding a balance between work and learning. However, his worries soon disappeared as after working on his time management with his Technical Trainer and Pathway Planner. He quickly started being able to apply what he had learnt in his apprenticeship training back into his job.

Mac was also supported by his employer, Form IT, explaining, “I couldn’t have asked for a better employer. They were always happy to provide me with the support that I needed whenever I needed it, whether that was 1-to-1s with a more experienced technician or whether that was more time for my apprenticeship training.” Mac was grateful for the support from his colleagues.

How has Mac’s role grown since completing his apprenticeship?

Mac has been able to draw on his apprenticeship training when working with Microsoft Office 365 alongside MTA Networking and MTA Cloud, giving him the confidence and knowledge to complete his tasks flawlessly. His apprenticeship also gave him the knowledge and experience to work with servers, router and firewalls.

Mac has been involved in several projects after completing his apprenticeship, including Azure Migrations from server to Cloud and managing the internal help desk software. Mac was also able to help his colleagues with extra tasks, explaining, “it’s one thing to gain the knowledge but being able to relay that knowledge to colleagues is also important.”

What were the highlights of Mac’s apprenticeship?

Mac’s highlight was working his Pathway Planner, as that’s when Mac saw the greatest improvement in his learning.

Another highlight for Mac was gaining more confidence. He explained, “I was very shy in the beginning. I knew how to fix things but I would still ask for help. But I gained the confidence quickly and started to achieve better customer satisfaction.”

Best of all, Mac was awarded a Distinction at the end of his apprenticeship.

What’s Mac’s advice for his 16-year-old self, or other aspiring apprentices?

Mac has said that he’d definitely advise his 16-year-old self to look at apprenticeships. His view is that apprenticeships will get you into work more quickly as well give the knowledge you need for your chosen career. Mac said, “You get information that is important, but on an apprenticeship, you work as well as gain experience so it’s a combination of both that makes you excel and be good at what you do. This is why I will always recommend an apprenticeship to anyone starting in an IT role.”

Thinking about starting an IT apprenticeship?

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