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In our digitally led world, people are spending more time online to connect, play, learn, work and shop. This shift online means businesses can reach and attract their customers in new ways through digital marketing.

To stay competitive many businesses are choosing to use digital marketing rather than traditional offline marketing. As a result, there's a high demand for technically skilled digital marketers who can engage with customers through targeted content and online channels like search engines, social media and websites.

The Digital Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship provides on-the-job training in digital marketing strategics, tactics and techniques. Allowing learners to develop the skills and knowledge to create digital marketing campaigns, improve brand awareness and increase customer sales.

Note: The Digital Marketer Level 3 standard will be replaced with the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship programme from 11th December 2023. While this new programme is not yet live, you can register your interest before this date. Read more about the new marketing programme here.
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Who is the Digital Marketer apprenticeship for?

The Digital Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship is a skills development opportunity for people new to marketing or marketers who want to upskill in digital marketing techniques. Either way, during their apprenticeship, learners will develop and build targeted online marketing campaigns and content to attract, convert and engage customers.

Apprentices may be in one of the following job roles:
Digital Marketer L3 apprenticeship training provider
Digital marketers on this apprenticeship will develop an advanced understanding of digital and social media strategies. They'll undertake market research to target their customer segments and work to achieve business objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation and increasing sales. Digital marketers will be responsible for part of a marketing plan or campaign such as search marketing, SEO, PPC or email marketing, and may be involved in web development.

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Digital Marketer apprenticeship essentials




16 months



Apprentice prerequisites:

No equivalent qualifications in digital marketing
Not in full-time education

Professional recognition:

Apprentices can apply to join the Register of IT Technicians, Chartered Institute of Marketing and/or BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT

Funding for the Digital Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are funded by businesses and/or the Government. Apprentices never have to pay for their training.

Small businesses, or SMEs, who hire an apprentice can pay for the apprenticeship through co-investment or levy transfer. They'll receive 95-100% of the training costs covered. Large employers may pay through their apprenticeship levy.

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The benefits of a Digital Marketer apprenticeship

  • To make a true business impact, apprentices work on practical assignments and real projects aligned to their company
  • Delivered virtually on-the-job to reduce time away from the workplace
  • Inclusive training for any age or background
  • Specialist training in digital marketing strategies and techniques, market and customer segmentation, web development and coding, and analysing metrics using Google Analytics
“I’ve gained valuable skills. I never had any idea of how website coding, SEO and WordPress all worked and now I do…. I have learnt how to cope under pressure, think outside of the box, research and develop the skills needed to manage the work.”

Arevika, Digital Marketer Level 3

What does the Digital Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship cover?

Intequal’s Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship provides learners with the skills and knowledge to take a company’s marketing online; reaching customers at the right place, at the right time, using the digital channels they prefer. Whether you’re a jobseeker looking for practical experience, or a business competing for digital talent, a Digital Marketer apprenticeship with on-the-job digital marketing training will give you a competitive advantage.

During the Digital Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship, apprentices will learn:

Marketing Principles

Key principles, strategies and techniques for successful marketing including the marketing mix, customer lifecycle, market segmentation, relationship marketing and customer engagement.

Principles of Coding

The fundamentals of web development including programming, coding concepts, web servers and hosting, cookies and session storage, integrating social media and search engine optimisation.

Digital Marketing Principles and Google Analytics IQ

The approaches and techniques used in different areas of digital marketing such as search marketing, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and email marketing, and how to use Google Analytics to analyse metrics and success.

Apprenticeship Plus+

An optional commercial certificate to enrich the apprenticeship and develop skills in specific technologies or practices. Choose from a range of CIW courses.

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