Jack’s Story

Being stuck in a classroom 5 days a week, for another two years at college and then 3 years at university, is my idea of hell. So, at 16, following my GCSE’s I decided that the classroom environment wasn’t for me. I had a huge interest in tech and was always good at IT in school, so I wanted to pursue a career in this area.

Unfortunately, IT is a hard industry to break into without the specialist qualifications. Fortunately, to my surprise, there were IT based apprenticeships available. I’d picked up enough knowledge in school and from what I’d taught myself, that I was able to show that I have an interest in IT and a desire to pursue it as a career.

I was able to secure a Microsoft Backed Network Engineer Apprenticeship through Intequal, who connected me to my awesome employer. They’re incredibly supportive and give me the all the time and help I need to do my work and pass my course.

Unlike other apprenticeships that my friends are on, I don’t have to go to college or take a day off work, which my employer and I love. Intequal deliver my lessons live over Skype and my trainer (Dan) regularly comes into the office to see me, where we have chat and discuss work.

After passing my Level 3 and securing Networking and Server Fundamentals qualifications, I’ve moved onto a Level 4 Qualification.

Now with my handful of qualifications, Intequal guided me into the direction of what I’m currently working with now, becoming a Level 4 Network Engineer with some of the most widely accepted and wanted qualifications all over the world. While I’ve been working on this for two years, and progressing with my apprenticeship, I’ve moved companies into a larger business to continue to grow my knowledge of many different technologies which I don’t believe I could have done without my apprenticeship. I believe if you want to grow quickly and effectively in the IT world out of secondary school and college an apprenticeship is definitely the best way to go about this with on-the-job training.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much and gain sought after qualifications, that make me incredibly employable. Every year Intequal host a graduation ceremony, where I got to visit the Microsoft UK HQ, which was a great experience, and I was invited to talk to all the newer apprentices going through the journey with Intequal. While I’ve been doing my courses over the past three years, with the support of my employers and my online tutors, I’ve learnt so much about a range of technologies including, all Windows Operating Systems (Server and Desktop), Linux, Project Management, Security and Networks.

Although hard at times, the apprenticeship has definitely been worth it. It has given me the skills and experience that make me very employable when I finish. I’m so glad I decided to go down the apprenticeship route!