How apprenticeships are enabling digital transformation in businesses!



All of our lives are now touched by technology, whether it’s the way we shop, bank, or communicate with each other. You cannot get away from the importance of connectivity and the way it shapes our world. For many in the business community, digital transformation has been gathering pace as technologies advance at an ever-increasing rate. For many business leaders and policy makers, the current pandemic and resulting lockdowns have seen that transformation accelerate at a previously unimaginable pace as businesses rapidly adapt to new technologies and often remote ways of working.

As this digital transformation continues to shape our economy, it offers new and exciting opportunities for people looking to develop a career in IT and digital roles. That is not to say that the advancements themselves do not give us new challenges to overcome. The concept of a ‘skills gap’ is not new to business owners and managers, however upskilling/reskilling staff digital skills is also now a necessity for many to ensure teams can optimise their use technology investments.

Local digital training specialist Intequal are one provider working closely with businesses throughout the Solent region to ensure that the in-demand roles they need to fill urgently, are being trained for now. With an office in Port Solent, Intequal have been delivering apprenticeships since 2003 with an above industry average pass rate. Gaining an OFSTED ‘Good’ overall rating in Feb 2020, Intequal continue to be at the forefront of IT, digital and data skills training not only in the Solent region, but throughout England.

Commercial director Phil Howard said that, ‘It is vital that we enable local talent to access the skills and learning resources needed for them to ‘Skill up to Stand out’  and pursue meaningful careers adding value to local business growth. Intequal’s blended online model of interactive delivery and individual support is even more relevant in this current climate. We work closely with employers and learners to identify their skills needs and guide them through this transforming learning landscape to achieve their individual and business goals.’

The effect apprenticeships and apprentices can have on businesses can be hugely rewarding for both parties. Local business owner Michael Thornton from KSM Telecom who recently hired their first apprentice said, “We have been very impressed with the team at Intequal. Not only were we very well supported but the quality of candidates they found for us were excellent. Bailey (apprentice) has settled in well and is already adding value and exceeding our expectations”.

As we move in to 2021 and the challenges it presents, digital apprenticeships and skills training will continue to play a hugely significant part in shaping not just the economy, but the lives of those young people looking to develop their skills, positioning them effectively for current and future roles.


Russell Collins – Principal Consultant

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Arevika first began the Digital Marketing apprenticeship programme having been offered
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Thomas Siron

 “The first tier role, where the apprentice begins, provides a rich environment to gain lots of early career experience. Managed service customers
all have different estates, some using legacy technology and some rapidly changing and
evolving to adapt to today’s use of technology.”