Tech trouble-shooter coupled new IT skills with confident communication to achieve ‘thumbs up’ results!

Haroon Baig joined Horsham based Class Technology Solutions (CTS) in 2017 as an Infrastructure Technician Apprentice. He is one of many of our apprentices to have recently completed and achieved a Distinction in his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship programme last month.

As he explains, “CTS have helped me progress and gain many more skills, increasing my confidence in talking to people and learning how to deploy and use the best practices in IT to troubleshoot issues.”

Daniel Greenway (his line manager says),

“Haroon’s communication skills have increased immensely due to a growth in his confidence during his apprenticeship. Assessing the situation and who he is interacting with, Haroon will tailor his wording when giving answers so the user no matter their ability can understand.

He has developed into a very smart IT engineer and will deal with issues that come up by fixing due to his own knowledge, through research or by escalating to senior colleagues when necessary.”

What kind of work does an Infrastructure Technician at CTS get involved in?

Class Technology Solutions Limited (CTS) is an innovative Microsoft Gold Solutions Partner that provides managed IT support services and solutions exclusively to the UK education sector.

Daniel explained that one of the many issues that arises in a schools and colleges environment is to do with thumb readers, and Haroon can be tasked to use the Live Register application to perform a reboot of the terminal to register students during class. Also, when permissions had fallen off some folders for BTEC students he used PowerShell to re-establish them.

Haroon has also gained knowledge of a system called SpiceWorks to monitor hardware on the system such as computers and see which need upgrading or are not performing as expected. He also uses Hyper-V which allows IT to monitor the virtual machines on the system and assess how they are performing. When doing IT checks Haroon is tasked with checking random machines and looking at Event Viewer to see if any issues have occurred since the last check. When errors occur, Windows Troubleshooting is also a tool that is used to find the issue and potentially fix it as well.

Haroon will often speak to engineers within CTS and assist where possible, also within the client site he will interact with different departments most recently when assisting the P.E department with designing their SharePoint page.

Daniel says, “Haroon will regularly create very good documentation and has a good working knowledge of many other systems like OS Ticket and Active Directory. He is very organised and uses Microsoft To-Do to assist him.”

What did Haroon say?

Haroon sums up his apprentice experience by saying “I honestly can say being an apprentice is one of the best choices I have made. CTS have welcomed me into a role where everyone within the company is very supportive and helpful to one another.”

“Thank also to my trainer Sarah Malvern and the entire Intequal team for supporting me throughout my apprenticeship and all the training delivered. I would not have been able to do this without your help.”

Sarah Malvern (Associate Assessor for Intequal said), “Equipping apprentices with the necessary skills to set them on course for a successful career in IT is key and communication is so important in an IT helpdesk or troubleshooting role, as listening to the issue and then communicating a solution effectively can half the time it takes to resolve a problem.”

Peter Maslyn (Marketing Communications Director at CTS said) ‘’The Intequal apprenticeship scheme is a great asset to a company such as ours. It is a great way to allow young adults to learn essential skills and experience in challenging educational environments whilst obtaining high-grade, industry recognised, qualifications. They have proved to be a great asset to the company and our partner schools, often imbedded in our existing IT teams and mentored across the broad landscape of technology that schools use. Haroon’s journey is a case in point. He has capitalised and thrived on the opportunities that his apprenticeship that CTS and Intequal has offered so that now he has progressed to becoming a highly valued and respected IT engineer. I am convinced that these twin foundations of learning and experience will serve him well in the future as his career continues to progress.

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