Here at Intequal, we take great pride in the high satisfaction rates achieved by our apprentices, which is why we are keen to get them more involved by sharing their stories.  

Tell us you story

If you are happy with the experience you’ve received since becoming an Intequal apprentice why not tweet us @IntequalLTD with one (or two, if you’re up for it) of the ideas below:


  • Photos of your office, desks or workstation – anything that takes your fancy!


  • Any useful tips that you have learned whilst being on your apprenticeship to help with assessments/assignments that you could share?


  • Your life in general – How do you balance your apprenticeship with working, along with maintaining your social life. 


Though it would be great if you could tweet us one of the above ideas if you’ve got another idea to share then go for it!


Thanks in advance,


The Intequal Marketing Team