Digitool Box talks apprenticeships

Ami Hewlett is a Web and Marketing Assistant at Digi Toolbox who has recently completed her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship programme. We caught up with Ami and Mark (Founder and Operations Director) to find out more about apprenticeships.



Digi Toolbox are an award-winning IT, web design and telephony provider, with over a decade of experience of the market – working with small to medium sized business.  Partnering with companies such as Microsoft, Linux and BT. Intequal have worked with Digi Toolbox by training learners with an apprenticeship qualification whilst they get hands on experience in the workplace. www.digitoolbox.com

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  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role

Ami has just completed the Digital Marketing apprenticeship programme and achieved a Merit. Ami Joined Digi Toolbox as Digital Marketing Apprentice, and started off working on Social Media Management.  Whilst studying the lessons, SEO and web related work, Ami could see how it all could link together which she managed to apply to her daily role. “I could see that the apprenticeship was helping her work, and her work was helping her apprenticeship.”

  1. When did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

Before her apprenticeship, Ami completed her Media and Business studies course at college and went into fulltime work. Ami went on to say ” I had always considered apprenticeships; however, I didn’t really know where to start or where to look. It was when I spoke to one of my friends who started a Marketing apprenticeship who said how brilliant it was”. “I never knew that the courses I studied, could lead to a marketing career”.

  1. What lead you to join the Digi Toolbox team?

Ami went on to say  “A lot of the people advertising were big companies and the responsibility level was quite low, however at Digi Toolbox the opportunities were great and I could see they were looking for people that could grow.   It was a lot more appealing. Fabulous!”

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  1. What kind of projects have you worked on?

Ami has dived right into lots of projects for Digi Toolbox since joining! “We’ve started a new marketing package which involves everything from branding to social media management to website design and I’ve had the chance to be involved in all aspects”.  Following Ami’s completion of her apprenticeship, Ami has also been supervising the new Digital Marketing apprentice.

  1. What activities does your typical day involve?

Ami’s day to day role varies quite a lot with lots of different areas to dip into. “As well as training our new apprentice, I mainly work on Website changes, website building, Marketing collateral such as Flyers, leaflets, branding and internal processes”.

  1. How did your training fit in with your day job?

Ami found that the lessons fit well. “I had 1-2 lessons a week which meant lots of time to revise for the exams and I found what we were learning relevant to my job.” Ami found that things applied to daily activities.

  1. Is the apprenticeship meeting your expectations?

Ami found that the apprenticeship exceeded her expectations and it was more than what she hoped it would be. “It allowed me to gain to more skills. I’ve definitely gained more confidence

Advice for aspiring apprentices? “Go for it, not only do you get a qualification, you also get a job!”

Benefits of Apprenticeships

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What is Digi Toolbox’s history behind taking on an apprentice?

Digi Toolbox have a history of taking on apprentices with the aim to give back to the local community and to help people out. Mark (Founder and Operations Director) said “I knew people who had gone through university but had struggled to find a job because they didn’t have any work experience. I wanted to take people on so they had some commercial experience with the view that we could keep them on as a long-term member of staff.”

How else does the business benefit from having apprentices?

Mark found this it really beneficial for the business  “Especially in the Marketing team we’ve found that it is good to have more youthful views on areas, especially social media and the latest trends-it really is a benefit.”

How do Digi Toolbox maximize on the investment of an apprentice?

“It’s about giving them more exposure to all the services that we offer. By doing this we are not limiting the apprentices to a few things that are safe. We allow them to get involved with all areas on the business. This helps us as we have someone who understands how the business works, how customers work and someone who has experience in all areas of the business”

Mark Viccars

Founder and Operations Director, Digitool Box

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