Let's talk apprenticeships

Sam is currently a Technical Account Manager at Microsoft and has successfully completed his technical sales apprenticeship programme.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

At 17 when completing sixth form Sam said “I just didn’t feel confident picking one subject that I definitely wanted to study for a 3-4yr period and did not want to just follow the crowd.” Like so many other students around this age, he didn’t have a clear idea which career path he wanted to choose. “I decided that whilst I could go to Uni, I wanted to do something a bit more unique. I wanted to use an apprenticeship to differentiate myself to employers as so many of my peers were choosing Uni as the main ‘next step’ career option heavily championed at school.” Sam studied computer science and IT which helped form his decision process as to which apprenticeship to aim for.


What made you choose this role?

Sam applied for project management and technology and was open to any kind of role in these fields. As he explains, “I was really pleased I got accepted for both apprenticeships one at Microsoft and one at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), however, I chose the route of technology as it was the best fit for me.” Sam is a keen follower of advances in technology and keen to acquire a deeper tech product/solutions knowledge.


What kind of projects have you worked on?

Sam has also taken part in some events with the Xbox team. Incorporating project management and event co-ordination also allowing his day to day skills revolving around people aspects.


What activities does your day to day role involve?

Sam explains, “A lot of my role is maintaining customer relationships. Customers may have queries that they have been brought up in previous meetings which I then look to problem solve with solutions with the support of management overseeing my recommendations. I also support clients by looking at areas where we can help to grow the business i.e helping to skill employees in areas where training could fit into their business as an added value exercise to the initial sales support activity.


How does your training fit in with your day job?

“This style of learning works for me – often when we are learning the theory in training as group, I will realise I’ve actually done this on a practical level in my job and am able to relate this back as real-time evidence in my coursework.” Sam felt applying the theory allowed him to think differently about his practical activities and this learning added valuable guidance to support his daily activities.


What’s next for you Sam?

“After my apprenticeship, I would like to move into a full- time role as a technical account manager.”


Did you make the right choices at 17 do you think?

Sam said “I would have taken the same route 100%”.


Listen to Sam talk about his Technical Sales apprenticeship