Let's talk apprenticeships

Jamie has just completed his Technical Sales apprenticeship programme with Microsoft and we caught up with him to learn more about why he chose this career path and what he felt about the programme.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

Even back when he was in secondary school, Jamie didn’t believe that university was the right choice for him. Jamie felt he wasn’t that great at exams despite achieving A-level Sociology and BTEC Law and Business qualifications.

As Jamie explains, “I did apply to study a Law with Business degree however the escalating University costs helped my decisions to not pursue the Uni route.” Jamie spoke to friends who said they were also looking into apprenticeship opportunities. They discussed how this work-based learning was more linear and project- based and Jamie felt this might suit his practical learning style.

He applied for 20 apprenticeships in 1 day and was excited when his key choice, Microsoft, got in touch.


Why did you choose a career in sales?

Quite a lot of Jamie’s family have undertaken a career in sales-related activities however Jamie didn’t see himself as a natural salesperson. Jamie said, “When I left college, I had a contract role for 3 months working in customer sales that reinforced the feeling I was playing to my strengths. It was a challenge to build up confidence but I got there.”

He added, “In my role as a relationship manager, I am the first point of contact for a customer and completely focussed on achieving a successful business outcome. I love the problem-solving aspect involved when speaking to customers and trying to find technology solutions to their challenges.”


How are you enjoying your tech sales role?

Jamie has had the ability to resolve and assist clients with major situations including and is now dealing with over 25 different clients and thoroughly enjoys the customer interaction. Jamie said, “No day is the same and I like it. As well as the customer interaction I also alongside get involved in different projects within the sales team. You have to organise your work and manage clients work which hones additional skillsets too.”


How does your training fit in with your day job?

Jamie said, “Regular training sessions from James, our Intequal trainer fit well into my work programme. They can last between 3-5 days and there will be group interaction with the rest of the technical sales group cohort. It is a comfortable experience, fun learning with other peers, feeding off each other’s skills and learning from experiences.”


What would you tell your 16 yr old self?

“If you’ve got something you want to work towards, work hard towards it and don’t give up”, said Jamie.