Studying during lockdown - Tommy’s thoughts

Tommy Price, Digital Marketing Apprentice, talks about his apprentice experience during lockdown and his thoughts on remote learning.

How have you been finding studying during the Coronavirus outbreak? 

“I’ve found studying to be productive, I’ve made sure my daily routine has been sorted and I’ve had a few calls with Nile and Bernice from Intequal and any questions I’ve had I can drop them an email.” 

“I’m more than happy with the support, to the point if I have any questions, I can just drop them a message and they’re quick to get back. Additionally, I also have monthly catch-up sessions with my pathway planner. A couple of weeks ago I completed my synoptic project. Before I started, I asked Nile if he could do a run-through with me which helped a lot”.

Have you been provided any tips to help balance your studies during covid-19?

“Bernice provided some advice on making sure I have a daily routine, so I know when to stop working and draw the line between work and personal life. I make sure I have time to relax outside of work.” 

What do you enjoy the most about remote learning?

“What I enjoy the most about remote learning is having your own independence. It’s up to you how you schedule your day for studying which gives you lots of freedom and saves a lot of time! 

Would you recommend studying with Intequal?

“Definitely, I would recommend Intequal any day of the week. Everyone has been on the ball.”

Your studying your digital marketing apprenticeship – how’s it going and what do you enjoy doing best?

It’s been going well and I’m coming towards the end of it now which is great. My role is to plan, set up and manage paid media, which includes running campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google ads. Whilst this is my main role at BBD Boom, I have learnt much more and it’s been good to develop my skills along the way.


We will be catching up soon to find out a bit more about his Digital Marketing role…