Studying during lockdown

Aimee is a current Digital Marketing Apprentice working in the role of a Content Creator at It’s Gone Viral. She caught up with us to tell us how she is getting on studying during lockdown.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role

“At It’s Gone Viral, I work as a Content Creator. In my role I produce content and articles that are published to Facebook and the website, ranging from television articles and viral news. Occasionally, I assist with other marketing activities. My favourite things about my role are working on cool projects and getting to try out products.”

It's Gone Viral

It’s Gone Viral are a social media company that educate, inform, humour and provide nostalgia for audiences of all ages. Through their social channels, they have built communities of people who love to engage in relatable and relevant content.

What made you decide to take the apprenticeship route?

“I went to college and studied English language and Media studies, then I went to University where I graduated with a degree in Media and Communications. I decided to do an apprenticeship as I still wasn’t confident in the work environment so I thought it would ease me into it and help me get more confident.

How have you been finding studying during the Coronavirus outbreak?

“It’s been alright, I’m just trying to keep a positive attitude and keep things as normal. The pandemic has also provided me with the opportunity to widen my studies and gain some additional training such as Google Fundamentals and HubSpot training on email marketing and content creating which was useful”.

Are you happy with the support you are getting from your Pathway Planners/Trainers

I’m really happy with the support I’m getting from my Pathway Planners and Trainer because if I ever have any issues, I’d email them, and they would get back to me. My pathway planner has also been very helpful in getting all of my studies done, providing tips throughout which is helping me to relate to topics better.

How are you finding remote learning?

Remote learning is great as it’s easier to pop the question down in the chatbox, communicate better and so much easier to go back on your notes as the lessons are recorded. Studying my apprenticeship with Intequal, whilst doing my job role means I’m learning all this information on the side which is helpful to know to apply in my day job.

We will catch-up with Aimee once she has finished her apprenticeship programme and hear more about her journey, projects and more!  

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