Gerda’s Story

My name is Gerda, I am 20 years old, and I recently began my apprenticeship at Intequal. Within the company, I am a Digital Marketing Apprentice, studying towards my Level 3 qualification. A few years ago, I studied a Foundation Degree in Art & Design before planning to go to uni after a gap year. Within the duration of my gap year, I realised University wasn’t for me. I was still keen, however, to carry on learning and gaining qualifications. So, therefore, decided to give an apprenticeship a go.

During the first week of my apprenticeship, I was taught about the company history and culture. This helped me develop an understanding of the partners Intequal work with, as well as all the different apprenticeships they have on offer, and the manner training is delivered. I was also given an insight into how Intequal manages their social media platforms and websites. Additionally, I was also set the task of arranging calls to meet the rest of the team over Skype for Business. This allowed me to find out more about each of my colleagues and their roles within the company. I was able to see how the skills and knowledge I will again in the duration of my apprenticeship can be used to help other members of the team.

Moving on from this, the next step was analysing all of our social media sites and websites. This allowed me to see the kind of information being posted, and the messaged being portrayed. During this part of my induction, I was also able to see how Intequal build, design and implement digital campaigns, used over several social media platforms. I have learned that this is used to drive customer questions and engagement. Part of this role involves looking at the people and companies we follow and who we should look out for. This helps improve our services by looking at competitor sites, allowing us to differentiate ourselves in the market. Strengths, weaknesses, and differentiators can be found in comparison to our competitors, helping with the process of continuous improvement through our USP’s.

Being a young person myself, similar to our target audience, helps me to see things in the same point of view as a potential apprentice. Knowing where I looked to find my Apprenticeship, what was trending, and what helped me most with finding this job will help me to reach out to one-half of our audience particularly well.

The first major project I have is to assist with the Graduation Ceremony that is being held at Microsoft HQ, Reading. This project is one of great importance to the company, and will also be beneficial to me. I feel taking on this challenge will allow me to learn more about my job role, and the day to day tasks I will be doing in the future. My first job to complete for the Graduation was to chase invited apprentices. Email invites had previously been sent, the next step was for me to follow this up with a call. Not having any previous experience on the phone, the calls were a challenging task. Calling the Apprentices had some success and allowed us to find out some more about the people that were interested, to keep more accurate tracking records.

The next task was to start posting on social media. The reason for this was to inform audiences that my colleagues were attending a Careers fair, promoting our attendance over several platforms. The main aim of this was, through the use of location-based services and the correct Hashtags, to encourage college student/guests to visit our stands to find out more about the Apprenticeships we have on offer. Therefore, helping them to decide what Apprenticeship is right for them. Posting the information was done over Hootsuite, reaching platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Whilst doing this I attached an image sent over, adding a relevant caption and Hashtag to boost the chances of people seeing my posts.

An Apprenticeship was definitely the right option for me. It is helping me learn new skills as well as gaining qualifications relevant for my future career. In addition to this, it is also allowing the company to benefit from the use of the skills I am learning in my training sessions.

Making new contacts is helping me at the start of my new career. As well as learning while getting paid, instead of getting myself into debt.