IT Support Analyst apprentice talks about remote learning

Enrique is an IT support analyst who has recently completed his apprenticeship and who was awarded a Distinction.
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Create IT

Enrique has worked at Create IT for 2 years working as Support Analyst on the Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship programme. “It’s been a really good learning experience from the start, especially from the range of customers that we deal with and the communication between colleagues at the company”

At Create IT, Enrique works as a first line engineer on the help desk in direct contact with customers and also second line duties such as dealing with cases, taking part in email migration projects, and typical day to day roles.

  1. When did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

Enrique was studying computer science at school, where he learnt knowledge about coding and the architecture of a computer which he found really interesting. Out of the two areas, learning about the architecture of the computer was of most interest, gaining information about the different types including understanding how the CPU works.


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3. What led you to choose an apprenticeship, did you explore other options?

When Enrique was contemplating whether he wanted to go to college or take on an apprenticeship, he weighed up his options based on how he likes to work. He told us, “In general I learn better doing things practically and thought if I was to learn from books again, it’s not the best way for me”.  Additionally, when reading more about the Infrastructure Technician programme, Enrique really liked the idea of the 2x Microsoft exams within the course and thought it would be a good way to learn and get the certification.

From a young age, Enrique always had an interest in computers and technology such as gaming and built his own personal equipment where he picked up more new skills and knowledge about the computer hardware and software elements. Following his own interests in IT, when he saw the apprenticeship at Create IT he noticed the sort of things that he would be dealing with and recognised this is the area he really wanted to go into and learn more about SQL and support.

After his final school year, Enrique joined the apprenticeship scheme at Create IT. “I decided I didn’t want to do my A-levels and study the same thing I did before for my GCSE. I took some time after the summer holidays and then went for the apprenticeship”.

4. What determined your decision to join Create IT?

On his search for apprenticeships, Enrique did see quite a few roles in bigger companies and then came across Create IT. Enrique went on the Create IT website and discovered information about the hierarchy and team which he really liked. After the initial interview with Andrew (Technical Director) he knew this was a team he’d love to work alongside.

5. What are the best bits?

“I like project work the most such as email migrations and setting up imaging servers and hardware related tasks such as building the computers, Enrique explained and added that he also likes the mind boggling projects.

6. What does your typical day involve?

Enrique has an online queue where support tickets are assigned by his manager which he works through on a daily basis, as well as logging newer cases that come through by email and dealing with urgent cases that come through via phone. If there is any project work left in the queue, Enrique would prioritise to allocate a couple of hours a day to work through this.

7. What kind of projects does Enrique work on?

He told us, “At the moment I work mainly on email migrations, our company has a server migrating email from the current platform to the Microsoft 365 system.”

8. How do you find balancing training and working at the same time?

Enrique found that training fit well alongside his work. He said “Create IT were really understanding, accommodating, and flexible when working. I prefer the idea of remote learning compared to classes where you can be easy to be distracted”

9. What did you think about Intequal’s pathway planner and trainer?

“Having a pathway planner was helpful and good way to keep me on track. He would tell us where we were at and what we needed to do next. It was good to get clarification and have that support there from Gary and Ola combined.”

10. Are there any benefits that you’ve enjoyed that you didn’t anticipate?

Enrique said, “The people, people skills, and friendships”

11. Where next?

He said, “I hope to get a degree at some point but meanwhile I am really interested in gaining more vendor exams as people advised it’s great way to put yourself forward.”


  1. What would be your advice to someone deciding which career to choose.

Enrique’s advice is “Don’t worry too much, if you want to focus on one thing, an apprenticeship is the great way to do that and you can make some money as well. As it’s the age you want to get a car. “

“Enrique is a great example of an individual that is willing to learn and who is naturally inquisitive, questioning senior colleagues about the solutions they apply. Our business has directly benefitted from apprentices challenging our thinking.
Their ideas have helped us improve productivity in areas like making our internal systems more streamlined, so information is quicker and easier to find. Being digital natives, our apprentices naturally look for the straighter route to achieving an action and look to technology to help them get there.”
Andrew Smith

Technical Director, Create IT

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