Josh Morrow – Digital Marketing Apprentice at Domino Printing

who has recently successfully completed his Level 3 apprenticeship programme and achieved a Distinction.

Domino Printing are a global company that develop and manufacture coding, marking and printing technologies, as well as worldwide aftermarket products and customer services. Domino provide printing and tracking solutions to businesses, such as food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Josh joined the Domino family in 2016 as a Business Admin apprentice shortly after college, then gained an interest in the marketing department, which led him to take up an DM apprenticeship.


We caught up with him recently to ask a few questions about his career experiences so far

Tell us more about what your role involves: In his role as a Digital Marketing Apprentice Josh works as part of the global marketing team and frequently monitors and deploys content for the website, works on SEO projects and email campaigns.  Additionally, working within the global team means that Josh has had great opportunities to travel to locations such as France and the US, working on his usual activities and implementing SEO activities and PPC campaigns.  As Josh explains, “I just really enjoy leading on roles and experiencing different activities. The best project I’ve worked on was in Domino Printing’s North American office, which is just outside of Chicago. I visited for 2 weeks planning and implementing, SEO over all their product pages and sector pages on the website. In the second week, we reviewed results achieved with the UK channel to encourage the US channel to trial PPC then implement this new activity.”

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route over other education paths? After achieving his GCSE results, Josh went to college for two years. In his second year in college, Josh wasn’t sure on the course he had chosen, decided it wasn’t for him and planned to change. Josh then spoke with a career advisor at the college, who mentioned about the Business Admin apprenticeship at Domino.

He said “This role sounded perfect for me as I could work and continue to gain knowledge to support my new role. This sort of work-based learning environment was the best thing for me in the long run”.

 What made you choose a marketing role? Josh said, “I liked that in Marketing, you are able to analyse data and see your results”. Josh found that when looking at others in their marketing roles, they were able to measure a lot about how the company were performing with activities such as SEO, PPC, email marketing and cookie tracking. He added, “It’s really interesting to see the data that businesses can collect and view on users entering the website and it’s quite eye opening.”


How did you find remote learning? As Josh explained, “It was definitely challenging but it’s all about being able to manage your time. My company have been really accommodating and flexible in fitting in the learning day to do the work for the apprenticeship and help me to manage priorities.”  Although Josh found it challenging, in retrospect he found it the best way of learning as he says,  “I’m relatively independent where remote learning suits me really well. It’s almost forced me to be self-disciplined as I’m the main one responsible for my own achievements. Throughout my apprenticeship, I received as much support and help as I needed from both Intequal and Domino.  The remote learning experience has helped me really progress by applying the knowledge in my role at work.


Did the apprenticeship meet expectations? “I’ve enjoyed it and it’s given me a more well-rounded view of Digital marketing activities. If you are just within a day job and not doing a qualification or extra studies it’s easy to get pigeonholed in just one area and not branch out and learn about other activities. This learning and working route has given me loads of new opportunities!


Words of career advice from Josh to anyone wondering what to choose:

“Not to worry. Find what you enjoy, because that’s been the biggest motivation”


We look forward to seeing what Josh is doing with Domino Printing in the next few years!

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