Let's talk apprenticeship

Inushka Sachdeva is currently on the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Microsoft

How did your academic choices influence your current career pathway?

“Academically,” Inushka said “I experienced some real highs and lows during my schooling.” After attaining reasonable GCSE’S, Inushka took the initiative to secure a part-time job at the Halifax bank whilst studying 4 x A’levels – Maths, Business, Biology and Computer Science at a grammar school.

Fast forward two years and unfortunately Inushka didn’t get the best grades which meant she had to re-take. Like many parents, Inushka’s encouraged her to complete her education. At this point she re-evaluated her choices, decided to move schools and to concentrate on achieving Biology, Chemistry and Business. This was a smart decision as focussing on 3 main subjects brought successful results which enabled Inushka to apply to UCAS and receive various university offers.

Inushka explained, “To explore my options fully, I went on several assessment days with different companies to review what an apprenticeship could offer me as an alternative to university.”


University vs Apprenticeship – which way?

Whilst in Inushka’s opinion (and despite achieving good A’levels) she wasn’t necessarily ‘book smart’, Inushka absolutely knew what she was good at. Self-aware, especially since having worked at the bank and for her Mum’s own business, Inushka felt she performed at her best in a work-based environment, learning and growing in experience daily. Interestingly, money had no impact on her decision as she understood her own drivers were more closely linked with practical achievements and making a difference to an organisation.

Excited to be chosen for an apprenticeship assessment day at Microsoft, Inushka enjoyed the fun activities and immediately felt inspired by the funky environment and organisational culture.


From science to marketing

Inushka’s experiences have driven her choice of Digital Marketing as a career. “Having enjoyed helping with my Mum out with her web and social media, I developed an interest and an aptitude and having looked further into what the variety of study topics this apprenticeship provided I thought I would give it a try.”


How does your training fit in with your day job?

Inushka said “The training is very flexible alongside my work schedule and links in very well. I can get also access guidance and advice from Rebecca & Nile from Intequal. The topic area I most enjoyed learning was around Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).”


What are you hoping for your career aspirations?

Inushka said “My apprenticeship studies are due to finish shortly and I am looking to continue my studies and excel in Digital Marketing ideally pushing to a Level 6.”


Final thoughts on reflection on your apprenticeship

“I wouldn’t change a thing except in hindsight I would have loved to begin an apprenticeship straight after my GCSE’s.” said Inushka.



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