Arevika upskills to become a Marketing Guru

Find out more about Arevika's steps to success, following career progressions in her chosen marketing profession at STM group
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Arevika first began the Digital Marketing apprenticeship programme having been offered an opportunity to upskill in her role of a Development Co-ordinator. She told us, “I said Yes absolutely. I’ve always been very passionate about developing new skills; this was a perfect opportunity”.  She told us, “I already held 2 Bachelor’s in Business, and saw this as another chance to acquiring new knowledge, expanding my qualifications and progressing further into a role with a focus on such a demanding area as digital marketing, which I always wanted to explore more about”.


How did you find the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Programme?

Arevika told us, “I really enjoyed the programme, and have gained valuable skills. I never had any idea of how website coding, SEO and WordPress all worked and now I do. What I really liked about the apprenticeship was how practical it was compared to university, which was more theoretical”. Arevika explained that at times it was difficult to balance work and studies as she progressed to be promoted and her daily responsibilities grew. However, she felt that her degree studies, whilst in different subjects, had honed some transferrable skills which helped across all her roles. “I have learnt how to cope under pressure, think outside of the box, research and develop the skills needed to manage a lot of the work”.  In her free time, Arevika also enriched her studies, by learning more about AdWords and signing up to several marketing blogs for advice and tips to learn even more!

How did you get to where you are?

After a few months of upskilling in her Development Co-ordinator role, Arevika was promoted to Business Development Executive Role which she held for a year. After a few organisational changes, she was promoted to Marketing Manager. This role was later expanded then to Marketing and Communications Manager and within the next year she had successfully progressed to Head of Marketing and Communications!

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 What kind of projects have you worked on?

Since taking on the roles in the marketing fields, the company’s website development has been something Arevika wanted to take on as a project as it was outdated and overdue for an upgrade. “I practised coding and editing our website, following the Web/SEO modules on the apprenticeship programme, and since then have also worked with an external company when developing and launching our brand new website. Additionally, I have introduced a new look magazine, of which I am now the editor of, and worked on social media such as planning and designing the content. I can personally see a big difference to my own development from when I started the apprenticeship to now”.

“I worked closely with our organisation’s board member’s creating content on the website reviewing on a page by page basis and I’m really proud of what we’ve done”.  In Social Media (LinkedIn) STM has gained over 2,000 followers organically in the past year “I believe this is due to the content we’ve created, engaging posts such as videos and the design aspect which has improved over time”


 What activities does your day to day involve as Head of Marketing and Communications?

“It’s never the same! Everyday is different.” Arevika can be working on bid management, filming videos (such as the recent video for the World Suicide Prevention Day and Railway projects) and another day could be organising events or social media content planning! “This is such a dynamic field that requires ongoing learning and development in order to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, and is exactly what I love about this role”


How did you find the support from Intequal?

Arevika was trained by Intequal’s Digital Marketing Pathway Planner and Trainer Karima.  “The ongoing feedback and communication from Karima has been invaluable. I found Karima to be such a huge support!” Arevika found that sometimes, it was a struggle to deliver projects on time, due to other work commitments, however, Karima supported her so well that she managed to complete 3 exams in one week. Karima said “Arevika you can do it, I believe in you”. The motivation provided to me by Karima made a great impact on my apprenticeship journey and I am so grateful to her and Intequal”.

Is the apprenticeship meeting your expectations – in terms of the reasons you chose this in the first place?

“Yes, it 100% exceeded my expectations. There was a HUGE amount of resources available on the portal, high quality (virtual) classroom training courses every two months, workshops, dedicated tutors and so much more. It was definitely a great decision to sign up and upskill”


Arevika’s advice for companies who are thinking about upskilling

“Apprenticeships are a great opportunity for filling any skills gaps and advancing the professional development of the workforce, especially young people. I would encourage companies who haven’t yet explored apprenticeships to invest in staff and unlock hidden potential.

Arevika’s advice for aspiring apprentices

Apprenticeships offer a fantastic experience in the working world, equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the workplace. Whether upskilling, like me, or beginning your career, I certainly recommend this for anyone eager to learn, develop and progress.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

“Arevika voluntary signed up to an Apprenticeship Scheme through STM Apprenticeship Levy, to study Digital Marketing in order to improve her knowledge and gain new skills that could be implemented at work. She has shown dedication during the last 2 years of combining work and studies and has significantly improved her expertise in marketing through application of the new skills & knowledge that she gained from the course. She is an absolute asset for STM Group, without whom we would not have made the progress which has been evident over the last 18 months.”

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