A Day In The Life

Brad Malcolm, Lead IT Field Engineer



At Absolute Technology, a typical day for me could mean lots of different things: Some days I can be simply working on the helpdesk, taking tickets generated from calls/emails and working on them as they come in. Other days, I could be out and about visiting customers to resolve issues/meet with them to discuss their IT needs or working on a large project such as a Microsoft 365 migration or a new on-site server installation.

I get to experience a variety of work due to the constantly changing industry and the diverse range of customers we have, so it never gets boring! I quite enjoy keeping myself up to date on the changing technology we deal with, and often find we’ll gain a customer and inherit a setup/configuration than I’m not familiar with, giving me further opportunity to improve my skills and add ‘tools to the belt’ so to speak. It’s very interesting to see how many different businesses work and how their IT requirements differ from each other, and I quite enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect solution for each situation.

Due to our company’s modest size I also get to dip into different areas of the business not limited to my role as a technician. Some days I could be quoting for products or services, scoping out projects or working on our own internal processes and procedures to help get the best out of myself and the team.

I’m glad I went down the apprenticeship route to learn about IT while getting first-hand on-the-job experience through Absolute Technology as I learn far more effectively doing practical work rather than endless amounts of coursework! I’m very thankful to have had such a supportive and beneficial experience during my initial apprenticeship which has given me the foundational knowledge and understanding of the server and network fundamentals needed to work effectively in my role. As I have grown in my career, I’ve picked up more skills and expertise along the way through vendor qualifications provided by the company, or through my own research to keep things fresh!

One major part of the job which I love is that I get to build long-standing relationships with lots of different customers, in varying industries across the country. Sometimes they just call every now and then for a chat or catch-up which is a welcome break in a busy day! From the customer’s point of view, I often find the service itself is less important than having a friendly face and someone to chat to while the work is being done.


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