Ellie's journey from Apprentice to Manager!

Ellie is a former Digital Marketing Apprentice at IT Europa, now working as a Events and Operations Manager.

Ellie is a former Digital Marketing Apprentice at IT Europa, now working as a Events and Operations Manager. Passionate about tech, Ellie always wanted to go into the IT sector and earn money at the same time. When in school, Ellie’s chosen GCSE subjects included BTEC IT and Media as which she was highly interested in. “I had no interest to go to college or university but to get straight into work”. At age 18, Ellie decided to start searching for various working opportunities, she found this apprenticeship online for an Operation Assistant at IT Europa, which she had an interview for and got the job. Whilst in the role of the Operations Assistant, Ellie was also enrolled on the Digital Marketing apprenticeship programme. “I always had an interest in Digital Marketing and wanted to work in a job that was digital focused rather than technical.”

Ellies duties

Whilst in the role of an Operation’s Assistant during her apprenticeship studies, Ellie’s role would include duties such as organising e-casts, designing elements for brochures and documents on the website, organising social media posts and creating webinars alongside her usual office admin duties such as invoicing, checking accounts and more.


Thoughts on remote learning

When remote learning, Ellie liked the aspect of virtual training but preferred face to face meetings like the Pathway planner (PP) meetings. “Nile (Pathway Planner) was brilliant and was always there to support and really helped me to understand how the work aligned with my actual job role”.

Ellie has found that the apprenticeship she took contributed towards the role, with time management. “When I was on my apprenticeship programme, I had to learn to balance my coursework and deal with the rest of my duties in the office, learning how to do this, became really helpful in my current role”. Ellie also went on to say that the web design module, widened her eyes to understand more about the technical side of the web.


Is there anything that you didn’t anticipate?

Ellie didn’t have any office skills before she started her apprenticeship, she done various admin work at the hairdressers working on an apprenticeship increased her skills. One of the benefits that Ellie got from working at IT Europa and completing her apprenticeship was getting a full-time job “I got a job at the end of it, so that was a bonus for me”. In addition, Ellie goes on to say that “I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, it’s not like college where I’d just have coursework, because I was working and had coursework at the side of it, it was great and really beneficial for me”.


What is Ellie doing now?

Following her apprenticeship, Ellie’s is now working as a Events and Operations Manager at IT Europa. Ellie’s role involves working on the event setup, digital marketing for B2B and planning and implementation of topical/thought leadership webinars with vendors. Her favourite aspect of the job is working on physical events. “I love being able to create something whilst work towards my end goal, reviewing this back, this helps me to grow and build the event for next year”. Channel Sec https://channel-sec.com/ is one of the annual events that Ellie has been working on the past year.

Ellie also enjoys getting hands-on designing webinars, from integrating the cybersecurity to picking the themes, colours and images. Ellie next steps are to work on virtual events.

IT Europa has recently taken on another Apprentice Matthew, currently on the Digital Marketing programme. Following Ellie’s own experience during her apprenticeship, she has been able to provide extra support, advice and tips with managing work and aiming for success. “Although the units are different, If Matthew needed any advice, I’d be able to sit down and provide tips to completing”.


Ellie’s advice to aspiring apprentices

“Make sure you stay on top of your work – stay focused and enjoy it!”

Has taking on an apprentice provided any beneficial business impacts? Yes, Massively! We have been proactive in using apprenticeships scheme for years. We have had great success with Intequal and having someone like Nile who provided hands on training, who makes the coursework more relevant to what we do as a business is great, as they get more out of it. When you take on apprentices you have to be have open eyes, that they won’t have that much work experiences, at IT Europa we are looking to invest in the right type of people to build them up and develop in the business. Ellie has done an amazing job and great achievement. Ellie has gone from an admin role to taking on the role of looking after the Digital Marketing Roles, Annual Events, Webinars and more.


What drives IT Europa to recruit apprentices? “Following the success, IT Europa have had with apprentices, we have continued to recruit this way. Before Ellie, we’ve had another couple of apprentices who gone up to full time roles. When you get the right person who is eager to learn they can develop into the roles perfectly. Once the apprentice has completed a year in their training, we can start to see the performance of the apprentice and where they see the potential to grow.

Stephen Osborne

Sales Director, IT Europa

We hope to catch up with more of our learners with IT Europa soon!

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